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Overheard Over There, Here and Now [Flash Fiction]

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I overheard a man say he heard a man talking about a man who was telling the story of a man telling him of his friend who said “I heard a man at the bar in a bar in Brooklyn say the day after the election that ‘for the last thirty years the core of American Liberalism has basically said fuck you to white men, and white men have just said fuck you back, and that’s white working me, not white elites who like playing Machiavellian politics with the help of the Media elite who dictate what hand puppets like TV infotainmentalists you tune into every morning or evening or night tell you to think . . . and do not give me this shit about Black Lives Matter because of course Black Lives Matter, but firstly and lastly because they are human lives not because they are black. But I am not so sure that there are not too many black people who think or imagine that black lives matter only because they are black which is why we are lost, and I am not so sure that there is not a rise in fear among black people because they are afraid that their position as America’s privileged minority–and yes, privileged minority . . . is evaporating . . . and privileges are always doled out to part of an oppressed group to divide the oppressed group . . . or divide it from the main body politic,which is the true division between white and black in America, created by the Elites and manipulated by the media who get paid too much to help the elites continue to fuck us,’ and this man was not drunk, was not loud, was not angry, was moderate in his tone and gesture :”and it does not matter how many white liberal college girls under thirty-five who could not read their way out of any humanist text more than fifty years old think . . .” he said.


Written by jvr

November 10, 2016 at 9:49 am

Post Election Comments

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Lifted from my Wednesday, November 9th Facebook posts.

Michael Moore was right? Donald Trump is a human molotov cocktail that pissed off people in America have thrown at a system that has f#&*ed them? More questions will ensue.  Donald Trump has become for America what Al Sharpton has always been for NYC? Another question in juxtaposition? This is viable, except Sharpton never had the power of the Oval Office at his disposal. The mouthpiece that gives vent to frustration is not enough to explain Trump. I know that I had always said that without Sharpton, you would have had riots in NY. So, what am I to conclude? I should say that wihout Trump, maybe instead of voting more people would have reached for their rifles or real molotov cocktails? I do fear the masses in America more than the monied elite seem to sometimes. Is this a wake- up call to Corporate America? Now we wait and see who he appoints to positions of authority in the federal government; but then no office of the Presidency will let loose Friedman’s neo-liberalism on the People with more relish than Baron von Trump. Is this a wake-up call to the Washington Insiders? This will be an unfortunate wake-up call to anyone who imagined the EPA will help protect our land and our water. Unfortunately Trump just might trumpet  devastating effects not only ecologically, but geo-politically. Is this a wake-up call to Wall Street? I doubt it. He has always wanted approval from them which he never had as a New York rich brat who failed at most business adventures. To the Media–not really; they will get in line as they always do; and where they do not, they just might get behind one failed strategy after another, as entrenched on the flip-side of the singly minted coin of the elite.

Whether you agree with Trump or not, whether you like what you imagine is going to happen or not, you have to ask if the Power and the Money and the Media Elites lost the White House? I do not know; only time will tell. It looks like Oil is back in, but that does not mean the banks are out. Maybe he will forge a power coalition among oil and Wall Street that Dems and Re-pubs could not exactly do–bi-partisan greed forever crushing any notion that anyone in government will ever do anything for the people, especially abandoning their obligation to protect the People from Power and Monied elites. The Oval Office is a Pimp’s lair, prostituting the People as the Public that serves the State when they do not serve the Monied elites as their pimps in government do the Power Gangsters we never see. Prison Punks everyone in the Prison House of State.

Let’s face it, when a man like Matt Lauer of NBC can buy a home in the Hamptons for upwards of 30 million dollars, the media has ceased to speak for me. . . Trump is an outsider, but he has both Houses in Congress allegedly on his side. We’ll see where this goes, but people voted against HIlary as much as they might have voted against Trump. This is a failure of liberalism; it has become in its contemporary American version, effete, insipid, semi-literate itself, media manipulated, unthinking except in the ways it has perfected how to look like we care, we think . . . buzz words and slogans. Trump having both houses with Republican majorties is overrated, though. There are Republicans who cannot abide him? He has not yet won with a convincing majority in enough states.

Were we willing to take him literally or figuratively, this President Trump? I do believe the two stupidest things Hilary did was one, not divorce Bill–no one wanted him near the White House; and second, concede the election before all the votes were in, and that’s whether the projections looked one way or not. This is not over. You know, with how Hilary handled her campaign, she should have divorced Bill and married Al Gore. Will he reverse himself? Will he? He could; then, he could not. I do not imagine he will.

I do know what some of these people mean by having contempt for the media, watching NBC last night here in New York there were a few comments that implied, regardless of how veiled the comment was or trenchant the speaker thought he was being, yes, there were a few comments that implied American voters were stupid in their choices, which I might not disagree with, but we will have to wait and see if Wall St or the Automotive Corporate elite take this as a wake up call to power–I doubt it. We do have to take note, though, that no matter how much money Trump might or might not have, he is not IN with the Money elite of Wall Street, nor is he a good friend of the Corporate elite. How long this will continue is probably irrelevant. Capitalists love no one, like very few, and only if the person or company can make them more money. Trump certainly is not in with the Oil Gangsters as so many other Republicans are; or is he connected just enough. He is with them on how they can continue or expand or get their grubby paws into fucking up the environment. The money they make will justify in their minds anything they do. That, to our horror, is as American as it is human.

This vote for Trump may have been seen by his supporters as a vote against the Status Quo, but no one is going to be able to believe this for long. I don’t know how removed from this status quo he is willing to remain, if he is at all. I think it is his stupidity and ineptitude at what the monied and power elite endeavor that excludes him. He is not really successful enough in their arena. Again, how much of his campaign were the lies he needed to tell to get elected?

We do have to wait and see, but maybe his outsiderness might make him impossibly ineffective for either conservative nuts or the effete and insipid semi-literate liberal American. But that is hope against hope?

Written by jvr

November 10, 2016 at 9:18 am

Michael Moore and Me?

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Written by jvr

November 10, 2016 at 8:57 am

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