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Anger Management [a short story]

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Not the last angry man speaking of what he thinks he feels, feels he thinks, imagines he must understand, thinking, feeling and imagining all together in a stream someone might call a montage, but then how is it that we do not know that stream of consciousness does arise at a time when certain heights in silent cinematic montage were achieved?

The Democrats failed The People before this election. American Liberalism had vilified White Men for too long—yes they did! Examine the record over the last thirty years, if your under education and semi literacy will allow you to appraise and critique the rhetoric. For thirty years, white working class men in Michigan who lost their factory jobs were equated with the Elites on Wall Street. I had been told for decades, while working in University, that I was, even only as an adjunct, Privileged; or, as in some extreme cases, that I owed minority groups a debt to be paid at least in deference to their gross assumptions about my politics, my psychology, my views, all stated a priori, facts without question, all before ever asking me what they were. The easiest thing for both White and Black Protestants and Jews in my workplaces to do was to assume who I was, what I was and what I was thinking because I was Italian-American and Catholic–and this I have lengthy examples for and will write about in the future no longer caring for what others might think, knowing that my feelings, my livelihood and integrity were little cared for by too many Others–and I did not vote for Donald Trump.The Media does no differently. And that’s print, broadcast and social . . . I’m tired of too much of contemporary American Liberalism, its effete and insipid narratives. The conservatives have always been mostly idiots, but the semi-literacy and under-education and dogmatism of America’s Politically Correct Establishment is also tiring. Political Correctness as managed by the Left has mirrored political correctness in how it was managed in the Soviet Union–yes, truly the first society to establish dogmatic political correctness, you buffoons. If it had been connected to a vibrant tradition of humanism and organic liberalism, it would have been managed differently. But we abandoned traditions in liberalism and opted for Clintonesque elitism and greed among other choices to stab Humanism in the back. Hilary’s charade of effective support for Liberal causes might have been just enough of the truth to keep some things protected,but she would still have been the Whore of Wall Street as much as W. was one of the Oil gangsters. Goldman Sachs bought its bail out from Obama back in 08, knowing doom was coming. Obama owed the banks big, more than anyone owed him anything; and he ays nothing openly when everyone’s healthcare keeps going up every year because he tries not to control Healthcare CEO salaries–66 million a year for the CEO of the Aetna Group? Hilary would do nothing for this except blow smoke up everyone’s asses while continuing to tell me that my misery was reparations for years of endemic bigotry I had no hand in. Wall Street got Obama elected–the banks chose his cabinets. Who would have chosen Hilary’s, Blankfein of Goldman Sachs? American Liberalism decided to cut down all the trees of Truth and Humanism and Traditional Liberalism in order to get at the devil of prior injustices, and then that devil turned to us in the wasteland and there was nothing left standing between us and the Devil. Do not let anger over Trump blind you to endemic problems in Washington and big problems with the Clintons and Obama. Less than 1% of Syrian refugees have been Syrian Christians, which Obama has not addressed. Why has Obama deported more immigrants than any other U.S. President? The Media is not interested in Truth or anything true, anymore than Hollywood would be if it interfered with entertainment and box office. The Media got what it wanted from Obama and Trump–profit–people tuned in; people bought into it. The Mainstream Media finally figured out how to get the tune-outs to buy into its media packaging and that was Donald Trump. Trump sold more papers for them because more of the people who think the mainstream media is in bed with Wall Street, Corporate greed and hand-puppet politicians, started to watch, started to buy more than they did before Trump.

Below please find a video inserted by the man who herein above just introduced a man who spoke if not in a stream of consciousness monologue, then in monologue in a manner akin to rapid fire images passing a viewer, herein a reader, thus, as we like to say, hearer, yes, I hear a text I read and not solely because I sub-voclaize as I read . . . and the former about hearing is because all texts say, they do tell us, therefore, we do listen or hear what has been said.

Is there anyone actually listening or only pretending to do so as they think about what they are going to say next checking to see if it jives with narratives they won’t let go of . . .


Written by jvr

November 11, 2016 at 12:14 pm

Puppies, Flea Bath Water and Trump

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It has been American Liberalism as it has transformed itself over the last half century that most vehemently attacked the notion of a capital ‘T’ Truth, attacked the rhetoric of traditional humanism abandoning us to relativism, situational-ism and topical-ism in our social ethics, government responsibilities, political decisions, fiscal management. We decided to throw the puppy out with the flea-bath water as well as abandon a commitment to a literacy that would allow more of us to understand and defend democracy and freedom and human rights. Back in the 80s I used to be asked by Italians from Italy on student visas why American Liberals were so stupid, so under-read, so semi-literate? They already knew American conservatives were lost. The Clintons and Obama neither represented traditional Democratic patronage, nor the interests of The People as this always stands opposed to The Public which always serves the State. The Dems today are not even Kennedy’s Democratic Party, let alone Al Smith’s (and don’t chuckle until u know just what Al Smith did for poor and working poor and immigrant poor here in New York State).

Written by jvr

November 11, 2016 at 11:37 am

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