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Heinous is as Heinous Does; Hilary and Bill, Good Riddance

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Do we even realize how disgusting the Clintons really are, except to any status quo contemporary neo-liberal? More questions begetting questions—we want statistics for how heinous before we can accept the evidence of our politics.  I am not even talking about how disgusting they are to the equally heinous conservatives in America, any of the neo-cons we have had multiplying across America, not simply since Regan, but since the Clintons have not supported anything in the way of sufficient and substantial counterpoint to the conservative line or lines. Clintonesque neo-liberalism was a grotesque joke at the expense not just of white working class families, but working families across America whether white, black, asian whatever else have we, and I am not leaving out Hispanics, if we prefer the bureaucratic categories that allow politicians doing politics as usual to play ashell game of division and deceit year in and year out. For a time, with the help of a doting Media Elite, the Clintons were very good at masquerading as liberal champions of the People, all the while sponsoring the transformation of those People into a State serving Public. Their grotesque masquerade has fooled too many Americans, too many of my colleagues, for me to even imagine they are as intelligent as I had once hoped they were—not.


Written by jvr

November 13, 2016 at 11:49 am

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