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Is it Hilary Service or Service Hilary? Coin-flips in Clinton Egoism

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I just watched Hilary’s latest public appearance on video. She is as sickening as ever. Public service, she says is why she got into politics. She and the Democrats use the word ‘serve’ like it’s a slogan in an infomercial. Yes, Service has become the cliche of Politics since Obama used it to get elected. I can imagine Hilary singing  a jingle on TV sponsoring Mr. Clean.

Serve is what she does when she supports Human Rights violations in Palestine by the Israeli military, while she plays hop-scotch with the truth of Israel’s responses, ignoring the international community’s assessment that Israel poses the biggest threat in the Middle East, and perhaps the greatest potential for the destabilization of the region, unless we count Obama’s too quick withdrawl from Iraq, and his support for ISIS in an attempt to undermine Assad in Syria by laying hands off ISIS for how many months into years, singing the tune of we can’t get the appropriate handle on the dilemma as it unfolds, or something near or far form this.

Obama did continue to tweak Putin’s nose with his brokering in Ukraine, No matter how you view Putin, it was another one of Obama’s fool errands in foreign policy. he did try to help Israel further destabilize Iran, Syria’s border neighbor.

Hilary’s campaign against Qaddafi in Libya was and is as blindly/personally vindictive as W’s war against Saddam Hussein. So, Bill, Obama, W and HIlary all have had a hand in completely destroying any hope of having anything but an American Imperialist design in the Middle East, which continues to push us towards conflict with Russia, while creating friction with one of our NATO allies, Turkey.

There is little we do militarily or in Foreign Policy that does have direct or even total realationships to American Power and Money, and when soldiers get this message coming home to their rifles and their families screwed by both Republicans and Democrats, I don’t want to be around when that goes off.

Written by jvr

November 18, 2016 at 9:20 am

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