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I Have Known Rivers of Bullshit

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You do know—and I am talking to my blue collar brothers from the past—that our gandfathers were liberal, and that if you supported New Deal programs initiated under Roosevelt and after until the present, if you have supported Social Security, if you have supported Unions, if anyone in your family were ever Teamsters or AFL-CIO or garment workers a hundred years ago in sweat shops in NYC, or supported the Democrats when Unions were their constituents . . . then Liberal is what you were, have been and are, but most likely nevermore will be.

Clinton/Blair liberalism, though, is neo-conservative liberalism; Bill’s liberalism is Freidmanesque liberalism, was what Regan tried to sell us, but took Clinton to get done–destroy the New Deal because Wall Street has determined we do not need to appease Labor.

Obama and Hilary are both of them what moderate Republicans in the 80s would have been–am I too harsh? Should I say, moderate in the 70s? That’s Regan’s 80s, you know. Please stop confusing and confounding issues and platforms and programs and policies when trying to discuss politics, a class of people who used to be a lot saver than they have shown these last two and half decades, maybe three?

To imagine in your vanity that you stand with whom the Republicans really serve is madness. You must know this somewhere in that morass of feelings and thoughts and half-baked schemes devised, while either sober or not, that what you and yours have always stood for or needed or have supported in other ways you never connected to politics or anything political, is not aligned with the Republicans and who they stand for or who stands behind them, and what they support.

Working men and women in America have to take responsibility in part for the Democratic Party abandoning their call to liberalism; the very People who the Party used to support began to abandon the Democrats and vote conservative just at the time they could have circumvented the messages that were the media in the form of Machiavellian constructed received ideas about race and racism, as if they had bought into the White Privilege Propaganda and that because they were white, they were also elite.

White fools and Black fools–as if we can alienate each other and stand, as if either one is fully and wholly what America is has been should be alone . . . all around and across America factions of either servicing the divide and the conquer-mandate Power wants from government agents and their bureaucratic drones in the bee hives of state, most of them supported by received idea after received idea concerning what the People think to restructure what the People are . . . this does not lessen the heinousness of what some are calling the Alt-Right, another euphemism out of our marketing savvy white power lunatics and other forms of right wing reactionary lunacy, Nazis, fascist, kkk, whatever have you in the infra-red of the American political spectrum . . . but as I have been saying over and over everywhere, Kentucky Fried Chicken ceased being fried the moment we started calling it KFC, right?

Written by jvr

November 27, 2016 at 12:03 pm

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