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Political Ping Pong

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It is political ping pong that We the Imbeciles of America continue to play to the delight of the Power and Monied Elites who in their coalitions amount to a new aristocracy in the Republic . . . and with politicians being in the pockets of corporate money or investment banking money or any of the other elites, then we are being taxed without representation. Jefferson’s call is for the People to dissolve this . . . and that would include Bannon and his goons and Trump and his greedy idiocy. Nonetheless, I am obligated by good sense, by Reason, by a commitment to Truth, which I have never abandoned, a commitment to a universal humanity that I have never lost faith for nor belief in . . . I am obligated to make this┬áresponse to a post by AMERICANS stand against Trump.

Let me open very simply by saying that Statecraft is stagecraft. Now, that having been said . . .

Please do not forget, my fellow Americans, that the single greatest reason we are in this malaise/quagmire is because the Democrats at first slowly moved, then more quickly moved to the right, as if half of them becoming what would have been moderate to midstream Republicans 30 to 40 years ago was going to work? Unless the party just sold out to Wall Street Gangsters in a way the Republicans have been centered in the corruption of the Oil gangsters . . . and do not think that Trump is ally of the People because the first thing he did was open up the DAPL . . . because he had money invested in it . . . and do not think the banks are not going to be in love with him soon enough.


But let us not forget that what we liked about Obama most was that he was Presidential because he still surveilled Americans more than even Bush II, but mostly because he could, with tech advancing as quickly as it had. Let us not forget that he deported more people than any other President in U.S, history, and it has been said more than every other President. Trump has a long way to go to catch up. Obama initiated more US Dept. of Justice investigations and criminal charges against Americans than EVERY other President Combined. Obama got us involved in more military conflicts than Bush II; spread the drone assanination campaign around the world, assassinating more people worldwide than any other President, perhaps every other. He spent one trillion dollars upgrading and expanding our nuclear arsenal, making 50 years of arms talks irrelevnt and potentially destabilizing any future arms disscussion. Obama tried to worm his way into Ukraine as if tweaking Putin’s nose was a good thing–and you know that if the Russians had tried to negotiate with Mexico in half the way we entered Ukrainian poltics, setting up in the region, we would have been at war already. Hilary’s pet in Libya as has destabilized the country of Libya to the point where it can no longer maintain its borders and making worse a refugee exodus from Africa that has caused enormous strain on the EU.

Trump is the enemy of the People; but to listen to millionaires like Jon Stewart tout Hilary as more than just the lesser of the two evils, I know our country is equally lost. The Democratic Party and its supporters have not left the narrative of failure, the narratives of Friedmanesque Neo-liberal World Order that put the Democrats in bed with Wall Street and made Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert no different than men like Matt Lauer, Bi%&*es of the Monied Elite, the Power Elite and/or the Corporate Media Elite–and do not forget that 90% of all media is run by 6 corporations.

Allons enfants de la patrie? Contra nous de la tyranie? All from The Friend of the People?

But in another post script, let me ask that you remember that Trump is not Orwellian–he is too transparently an imbecile. The real Orwellians were Regan and even more so Bill Clinton and finally Obama. Read 1984, my fellow Americans. This just might be the Uber-ploy by Power to get us to think that we are actually moving democratically–but when millionaire media talking heads talk for US when they are talking for Power and Money, I know the people are lost.

Power (also being Monied Elites, especially Corporate Media Elites) creates a space for subversion (or what appears as subversion) to emerge in order to control it? Manipulate it? Hand puppets, all? I mean if anyone had ever listened to Obama and took in the content, he would have remembered that the man Obama admired most in Politics was Ronald Reagan. Wow–now that’s an idea–we have finally come to where Democrats and Republicans can hold hands?????? Where did we think the Republicans were going to go if the Democrats were taking not just rhetorical lessons from Regan, but substantive content policy lessons from Conservative Republicans–you F#%$in’ idiots!!!!!!!!!!

The Democrats cannot even decide if they want to do anything for the People and not for Power and Money–that’s why the focus is on racism, to distract from the fact that the Democrats do not really want to tackle the elites any more than Trump will as he had promised. They will play ping pong because they have us playing policy ping pong as well as games of hop scotch with the truth.

Democrat or Republican? Either supports the corporatocracy from one or another slightly differing angle of policy. It will not further democracy and will only enforce how much less democratic our country has become. If you imagine that Obama or Hilary are Liberals, that is the first step, the pre-step, in our loss of democratic governing, a step in making the Monied Elite more powerful and the Power Elite more monied and infleunce mongers richer than anyone ever needs to be. Nobody was a bigger Bit#$ of the banks than Obama–Obama, O bankers! Trump will never solve those problems; he will either entrench them or give us a new set of them to make us think that we need Wall Street Marionettes like Obama and Hilary. All the while, both sides (sides???????) will continue to get rich and richer still and more powerful in their massive control of world wealth.

Le sangue impure???????

Anyone who imagines that . . .

I’m tired. America is tired. We are insipid and effete. We do not have what it takes to face the burdens of Democracy, so we continue to imagine that we must be engaged, watching as many mainstream youtube videos to explain what we should be thinking and saying about our political contemporaneity.


Written by jvr

August 13, 2017 at 9:10 pm

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