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Politeness and the New Politique

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Trump crudeness and rudeness is only what stupid people think are antidotes to the psychopathic sense of politeness that has ruled most mainstream discourse over the last thirty years or more. We have become very thin-skinned–unable to handle the rigors of the First Amendment; having become allergic to life, whiny and wimpy in our liberalism–no blood, as we used to say, no vigor, no strength in our liberalism. Christ whipping the Money Lenders out of the Temple is not a reactionary move, not actually. But then Gandhi once said that it would be preferable for a man of violence to commit violence if that was what was in his heart, than out would be for another man to wear the cloak of non-violence to cover his impotence–for the former, Gandhi reminds us, there is hope; for the latter there is none. Liberalism should not be insipid, whiny, thin-skinned–being liberal is not to be an emotional hemophiliac. Trump has always been an idiot–and a people do get the government they deserve, no?

The Falling Leaf Review

We do moo and baa together in one or another social or public forum and call it our Ode to Freedom. Can we, though, articulate any sense of freedom other than entries by figures and calculations in the ledger books of state? Have we so relativized meaning that we can no longer say anything about anything anywhere anytime other than Who’s to say? when questions we have been systematically dis-educated to ignore arise. Yes, who’s to say is what everyone says when he wants his invalid assertions accepted without question. This, of course, is rooted in an idiosyncrasy of thinking, or what he confuses for thinking, usually a random passing of images or phrases in the mind. It’s a great advertising ploy, this who’s to sat, to get everyone to accept anything at any time anywhere; all opinions have become equal in weight, in value–mostly because it’s been the ability…

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Written by jvr

August 14, 2017 at 9:08 am

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