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A Few Notes on Charlottesville

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Peaceful assembly is protected by the First Amendment. Bringing weapons and acting in a manner designed to incite riot are not protected actions. Violence is violence is violence; again, truth reveals itself in tautology. Chanting in a manner designed to cause unease and be threatening is also not protected speech, and certainly not in the way it was engaged in Charlottesville. Charlottesville must not make us question the First Amendment, unless that is exactly what Power wants by stirring the pot these many years, as sensationalist as the American print and broadcast media has been . . . what part entertainment, what part news, what part propaganda, what part pandering, the latter in itself belittlement. Even the Nazis insisted on authentic newsreel footage, actual film; and they were not opposed to using the truth mixed with lies in socially deadly cocktails, the same or in variation we like to drink.

We cannot allow the heinousness of what happened at Charlottesville–what was intended to happen at Charlottesville {and make no mistake that the State of Virginia is complicit in this, but not in the way we liberals like to imagine, but in the way they could and can and will use opposing forces to create the need for a less liberal and more State controlled society . . . the violence falls in the lap of Virginia’s governor and their State and local Police). It may not have been designed by State Power initially, but opportunistically used to make us question the wisdom of our First Amendment and Supreme Court rulings in the past that have made our Freedoms and cause of Liberty unique in the world.

I am also growing tired of Merkel’s Germany being used as a shining example of contemporary liberal truth and beauty just because she is a better liberal–or better at performing on the world political stage as one than Donald Trump, but then Bugs Bunny would be better at performing the role of Chief Executive than Trump, more Presidential without any reform of his behavior, that of our American Trickster, Bugs.

Weimar tried Germany’s current measures of censorship and failed . . . and I am not so certain that Germany has dealt with their Nazis present as well as they claim . . . and censoring Mein Kampf only succeeded in mystifying the Nazis and keeping their ugly truth in twilight. Too many people never had the chance to read what Hitler intended. He set it all out in a book everyone clamored to suppress. Perhaps this why Trump uses Twitter because he knows no one READS tweets, they are visual sound bites . . . we almost listen to it casually glancing with our eyes . . . nothing is ever really taken in the way things are supposed to be taken in critically when literacy is engaged . . . Twitter is one superlatively gross form of Alphabetism, what the French call¬†alphabetisme,¬†set in direct contrast with literacy.


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August 26, 2017 at 9:33 am

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