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A Fight Against Inequality?

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Liberalism is dead in America. There are no liberals, only Conservatives and those who are more conservative and even more conservative than that, all the way into down the rabbit hole of political phantasmagorical conservatism; and for those who do not jump down the rabbit hole, there is always the extremist cul du sac at the end of the right wing, heinous and fascist as it is when it is not outright Nazis and race suprematist.

America– since the Second World War, first slowly and with a crawl, but certainly since Regan, more rapidly and with a spring in its step–has moved monolithically to the right. There used to be a time, not so long ago, when Republicans could find themselves left of the center dividing line between what would have been called eternal Left and Right, moderate liberals in the Republican Party. Yes, not that long ago, except by our standards of memory and recall, forty years is too long a time to remember. Today, most Democrats are right of that eternal dividing line, too many of them, almost all of them being moderate Conservatives.

So, where was it we imagined the Republicans were going to go When Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and Hilary were as conservative as they were and have been. His own party called Bernie Sanders a socialist for defending what was traditional New Deal, and even Johnsonisn Great Society, policies. That should have been the death knell for everyone who was concerned for really liberal politics.

I read an interesting article in The Seattle Times from May 2016, an article discussing Obama’s fight against economic inequality in America, a fight Obama never got as much credit as he deserved for it, at least not from those who should applaud the appearance of liberal politics being played in any arena. But the author kept talking about taxes redistributed at the top to pay for the bottom, as with Obamacare, but as with Obamacare, people making 15000 a year are helped by people making 45000 dollars a year. These same people making 45K a year, if they are Caucasian, are called today by some people of color White, thus beneficiaries of White Privilege, so yes, lets increase their payments since 2014 by nearly 75%. Of course, doing this must be fair, must be just because it affects a great number of Caucasians, as it also does a great number of African Americans. Only in a punitive and retributive society can this be called fighting inequality because you will certainly get Power to okay putting the screws to working-class caucasians to the glee of some (not all) people of color because it keeps Caucasians and people of color separated which only helps Money and Power.

Perpetuating this cyclically eventually leads to a broader and ever broadening division of people in the lower economic classes to the benefits of the upper classes, and it might not be a hardship more greatly suffered by Caucasian Americans than African-Americans, except it then becomes fodder for the herds of White People who now seek to nationalize under their Whiteness, as foolishly (if not also heinously and grotesquely) as anyone seeking divide the world into checker board squares,” he said.”The writer of the Seattle Times article, ‘Obama’s War on Economic Inequality’ is, either wittingly or unwittingly, a stooge for Totalitarian Bourgeois Capitalist ideology at play in the American Political Arena, himself a purveyor of contemporary Bourgeois Capitalist propaganda as well as totalitarian dogma in defense of a classless America, although curiously suffering great inequalities in wealth. All of this or these on the march with and for Obama’s war on inequality, a fight brilliantly performed as yet another masquerade for Power and Money, choreographed to fail, but essential to the idea that there is some of Government Authority that wants to help the People.

Trump is only another socially more reactionary version of serving the Power and the Money . . . because not all Power and Money are aligned together, except when it comes to the idea of making more money or gaining more power for an ever circumscribed elite. This idea of more is where some factions end their association; there are policy differences among the Monied and Power Elites in America . . . all of them being Capitalist, which means Anti-Proletarian and Democratic only for a few, the elite, monied and bourgeois.

However, the inequalities due to class are marketed as the product of an endemically racist society and only this, of racism, by racism and for racist suprematist ends. This scares the shit out of everyone and steers us through the funneling pens as in cattle markets right to where the Elite want us to wind up, believing former Neo-Liberal Globalizing swine in the Democrats and Republicans weren’t so bad after all. But just as the bourgeoisie mostly found themselves aligned with the Protestant Reformation, and equally, just as all Protestant Reformers were reactionaries, America’s love-affair with conservatism is its long standing crush on Puritanism will continue.

Instead of us, We the People (in another time, sans-culotte)–yes, instead of us attacking privileges based on class and economic status or residually hereditary wealth, thus privileges of the Monied and Power Elites, we attack privilege based on Whiteness, based on color, based on race, which is only the antithesis of a singularly rigid line of societal racism. It then becomes another coin flip of politics in America, ringing only partly true because it does not address or articulate a critique of the standing class order. But we are a classless society, are we not?

My tongue is firmly embedded in my Left cheek, as most Americans tongues are stuck up one or another asshole. Ironically, classless socities, or the imposition of the dogma of classlessness, is one of the prime ingredients in any push toward Totalitarianism.

Who wants to listen to me? I no longer ask.

How can anything about White Privilege ring true when there are tens of millions of white Americans without any privileges . . . and tens of millions of Caucasians who have never participated in or benefitted from historically what has been socially and sociologically White in America? Not unless we want to take some African-American hypotheses as Law where we sidestep the leap in reason into theory.

Non-White Caucasian is what I used to write on on my College forms whenever they asked for race or ethnicity; yes, I checked other and wrote Non-White caucasian and said that whatever it was, has been, is or will be in America, this Whiteness, this being White, my Northern Urban Italo-American Catholic self has not participated in. Not the way lesser educated others have shouted and chanted as if I and the George Bushes are part of one singular monolith of oppression for people of color; herein read, the only minorities that count, the only minorities of a grotesquely framed and distributed set of privileges of their own, privileges again that the Power Elite use to divided some of a group from others of the group. Affirmative Action was used initially to divide the Black Bourgeoisie from the Black Working Poor, until such time as an entire three generations of hereditary welfare recipients could be excluded from the Affirmative Action that eventually benefitted Black working classes from them.

We are grotesques playing in a masquerade set by the Power and Monied Elites through their media as the messages, print and broadcast, I say, could say he said, but choose not to do so.

Written by jvr

August 27, 2017 at 12:42 pm

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