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One Thing or Another Similar?

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Alternative news!? Alternative facts?! Alternative facts have been the staple of too many academics seeking to join others of their comrades or colleagues in a struggle to attain academic or intellectual hegemony in our culture . . . and I am not talking about scholarship that challenges or new discoveries that unsettle or topple over . . . I am talking about alternative facts (and there are too many dog whistles used within too many concentric circles of discussion, haranguing, tirade, polemic emanating from that ground zero) . . . yes, alternatively made factory items of thought derived from alternative scholarship (much the way Alchemy remained alternative chemistry for too long after the middle ages); as alternative as the Alt Right is politically, the latter being no more Proto-Fascist than KFC remains fried and unhealthy because we have renamed it KFC.


Written by jvr

August 9, 2018 at 11:09 am

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