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A huge mistake that many college educated under forty here in America make when calling Trump a Nazis is their gross error in imagining that the Nazis had initially garnered support through raising the specter of the conspiring Jew, tapping into veins of antisemitism in the German political geology, if you will. This is in error on a number of points; the first people targeted, and the great unifying force, in the late 20s and early 30s, even garnering support from German Jewish Bourgeoisie, was to attack social deviancy, as it was maligned, targeting homosexuals and transvestites and pornography and prostitution, along with their first great enemy, the communists–in fact, their only tactile opposition was the communists.

The Jews of Germany were too assimilated and mainstream to attack right up front and/or singularly; even policy measures against Jews were carefully calculated for the effect it would have on German economy, German social functions; that is, until the final solution was passed in 1942, yes! I had a history professor in college whose father was a Furier doing business in Germany until 1940! She wrote a book, the title of which I have forgotten. I will insert it when my research is completed.

Yes, in 1929 there were many victims of the Nazis to come who found themselves agreeing with Nazis speeches in the Platzes of Berlin when the targets of those speeches were Gay men, lesbians, transvestites, prostitutes and communists. Even when they rounded up Gypsies long before the Jews because it was so much easier, it was okay. It was not until April 26, 1938 that German law required Jews to register their wealth. On March 1, 1938, it was decreed that Government contracts could no longer be awarded Jewish businesses which means until 1938, Jewish businesses had acquired government contracts under the Nazis.




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February 20, 2019 at 12:05 pm

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