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Just What the Doctors of Spin Ordered

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A Brooklyn woman who has been a member of the American Jacobin Party speaks of contemporary politics in the City of New York and Washington, singling out one of our contemporary political darlings, the pseudo-socialist, her alleged socialism self-pronounced; herself being the space created by Power for the now mimicked subversion to emerge in order to give us the illusion of subversion to forestall any potential radicalism of our politics.

Now, Any member of this (well-imagined) American Jacobin Party would find Congressperson Ocasio-Cortez only a diverse exemplar of the status quo. Congressperson Ocasio-Cortez is only going to aid the Power and the Monied elites keep what they have; because she will only attack middle income as part of her design to help lower income; and she wont’t even attack the middle income levels that allow her 90% White hometown to have an annual average income of 100k; those 9.9% after the top 0,1% will be left alone. The bottom 5% of the top 10% won’t even get a sideway glance. It will be the bottom of middle income she will seek to attack, just as New York state raised minimum wage jobs by nearly 100% while not mandating a proportional increase for those who had been previously making 15 dollars an hour, or 17, or 22 et cetera.

This runs completely consistently with Orwell’s analysis of poor and working poor and middle income strata in a society and how they act and react to each other politically and electorally, most often manipulated into separation by politicians targeting one to the exclusion of another, one of the others similarly affected; much the way we have hermetically sealed race completely off from class and class dynamics and class struggle.

Almost as if the Director of the program where I work should get nine thousand dollars less a year, so that both office clerical help can each get three thousand dollars more a year. Where does the other three thousand dollars go, to raising the salaries of congresspersons. I have yet to find that she is anything but a lot less than genuine.

I had a friend of mine ask: Why cannot Congressperson Ocasio support the 15 dollar per hour minimum without capping the top level staff in her office at 80k. The staff currently paid 80k would have been paid 125 to 150k, but are now capped at 80k. So, instead of making this a fight against the monied elite, it becomes an attack on the mid-Middle Class from lower income. A great example of how the Power and the Money use members of the middle  and lower income strata to drive a wedge further and deeper between lower income and middle income. I genuinely do not know, so please answer, if someone has the facts: has she offered to lower her salary, not to take it, or to put some of it in a pool to pay her staff?

Perhaps someone has an answer because the one I am formulating is going to take a bit longer than I have herein available to me while writing this. I could leave this for another article/essay.

The devil, in many of the folklore of peoples who have the Devil or devils, always comes in the guise most appealing to you–beware if you like her, which I did. Beware if you put too much faith in any politician.



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February 26, 2019 at 12:49 pm

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