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Multiculturalism is a Theater’s Wardrobe, a Tirade

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I want her to be what she says she is. I hope she does what she says she intends to do, I mean, really tries even if she fails; that is, instead of play acting at her attempts to then fall back on the rationalization of partisan politics, which has for-always been the status quo in Washington, the politicking become play-acting at opposition to help perpetuate the power of the oligarchy of elites.

Diversity, when it is not a marketing strategy aimed at diversion, often amounts to the costumes of stereo-typed authenticities worn over the transformed Americanized Bourgeois Capitalist, none of them knowing how to be the person he or she would be if she or he woke tomorrow with total amnesia.

What now must I say about this political contemporaneity, whereby Trump smacks too much of a political ploy to get US all hoping and wishing for the Status Quo that preceded him. Is it not too much to believe that this is otherwise, when Trump arrived right at the time We the People had become disaffected from Politics as usual, Washington Elites manipulating government, bureaucracy, our lives and livelihoods? Yes, at the close of 2015, We the People were fed up with both parties, Democrats and Republicans, alike; they had garnered the lowest combined disapproval rating ever. It was the time for Party realignment, we had almost concluded; and then comes Trump to convince us that there are ideological differences between the parties, something both parties needed; and to get us to long for the former status quo, again, which would also benefit the Republicans.

Now, a theatrical what if, as articulated by Stanislavski in his An Actor Prepares, could allow me to assume a persona, a character, in an essay: just how would I speak and write if I were an American Jacobin, who would then speak of politics and politicking in this here contemporary America where Trump is seemingly viable:

Power gives space for subversion to emerge in order to control it. True. But what I add to this paraphrase of Foucault is: Power in America gives us the space to Play-act at subversion to give us the illusion of having been subversive; all the while remaining complicit in the Machiavellian schemes meant to divide us, beat us, keep us contained and in service of Power and Money.

Now as far as our more recent representative from New York, Congresswoman Cortez, is concerned, is she an organic representative of the people, or is she just another multicultural gender costume worn by Power and Money. Is she, or has she ever been, or will she become another mask that Power and the Money will wear to keep its Machiavellian schemes on track?

First of all, in an attempt to support what I am saying, Ocasio-Cortez did grow up more White than I did, if I can borrow this notion of whiteness as we use it, as we have bandied it about in one or another medium controlled by an elite as powerful as any monied elite, as monied as any new power elite, a triumvirate of Oliagrchic Power that will successfully hide behind this bourgeois puppet, Ms. Cortez?

Are all or any of these illusions I have presented fitting when set on the stage of one or another Machiavellian Politicking drama, wrought to keep real social consciousness stagnant, or proverbially one dog chasing its tail after another dog barking at its own reflection.

Certainly as entrenched in the Totalitarian American Bourgeoisie as she is, as she has been . . . herself another member of that 9.9% just under the top 0.1% of our income strata that play-act at being just like you and me, but are in effect the Free Booters of the new Totalitarianism.

Socialist? Please!

A marionette of Power, for certain.

And I am not herein going to enter an exchange of diatribes as Americans love to do because they really do not love to think, having reduced mind to brain functions, degraded reason and passion into emotion after emotion, preferring superficially skimming blogs to reading deeply.

Yes, all the while we succumb to mistaken notions about how knowledge is impossible, or that Truth is a lie, or that there are no Absolutes, or that even minor ‘t’ truths should be subjected to infinite rebuttal . . . what? In this morass–from this quagmire of elitism, in a country whose guiding metaphysic is that doubt is the highest wisdom and that all philosophical inquiry should end with an assertive affirmation of doubt, more or less a new dogma . . . Ocasio-Cortez will be able to masquerade as a socialist, when in fact she will become another mask of color that Power and White-White Elites will wear in another grotesque political minstrel show. Ocasio-Cortez will mistake her job as one of commitment to fighting Whitey, who she will locate in lower middle income to mid-level middle income caucasians of all political persuasion; also those of whom she should know much better than I–myself a non-White Urban, Working-Class Catholic Caucasian–while she, having lived and gone to school in Yorktown Heights, Westchester County . . . 89% White!!!! I lived a more racially diverse life than she–adapting and assimilating Whiteness so she can then wear the Latina costume in Congress. Oh, the average income is 96k a year in her hometown. The fucking average!

“Fuck you, cunt,” a woman in a Brooklyn bar says, herself a professed socialist. “Ms.Cortez is as Socialist as the Barons putting a knife to King John’s throat over the parchment of Magna Carta were liberal; no! She is as liberal as any Protestant Reformer named Luther, Calvin, Zwingler or Increaser Mather were; no! She is as liberal as Oliver Cromwell, perhaps?” This woman in a Brooklyn bar said, asked, insisted others listen, these others, she would have said as she had thought, were in-formed by the Propaganda of American Bourgeois Elites. “You do know that over 90% of our media is owned and controlled by just six corporations?”

All too grotesque.

Written by jvr

March 4, 2019 at 2:08 pm

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