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“Better liars make better Presidents,” Alice Said [Fictional Essay]

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Better Liars Make Better Presidents! She said.

I listened.

Alice said: “Certainly things I say could have been more easily said when I was younger, and not because we were less cautious, or less respectful, or less aware of diversity; not because we were less respectful of a multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-national, multi racial, multi-metaphysical world ( I do think that far too many persons under thirty, or thirty-five, or maybe forty, imagine, as we used to when we were undergraduates, yet certainly not as forcefully when we made it to graduate school . . . what is it that they think? Is it that they have discovered the remedy or remedies for all the ills of society, most of which they have been the ones to uncover, reveal, find, have the courage to say exists); nor were we less willing to realize our mistaken conceptions,  perceptions or received ideas; but because we were less programmatic about our diversity, more attentive to freedom of thought and expression, more tolerant of mis-steps or mis-takes in our general awareness, our political awareness, the limitations of our conceptions, perceptions, received ideas (which we have seemed to multiply exponentially); because we were certainly more understanding about our human foibles, less intolerant about mis-steps, less savage in our desire for vindication or gleeful in our efforts to shame, call out, become righteous about . . . yes, the license to be vindictive; and because we were far less propagandized in our thoughts about politics, in our opinions about politicians and their politicking; because we had more readily at out disposal and avail a press a little freer from corporate control, not to mention a system of education less systematic in its attempts to under-educate and decrease literacy, more firmly set on a path toward liberating the lower classes through education instead of separating education from jobs through the more immediately appealing idea of training, which in itself is not subtraction; because we had Democrats who were liberal and some Republicans who were more than moderately liberal; because our level of general literacy had not fallen as far as it has; because we still held in our minds the notion, the idea of free-will to counter balance the theories or hypotheses of one determinism following another determinism and so on seemingly in perpetuity; because we had a literacy that was able to handle and articulate how determinisms and free-will could interact in conflict or dynamism, which does not exclude conflict; because we did not raise doubt as the highest wisdom; because we still believed knowledge was possible and capital ‘T” Truth had valence, if not solely as a compass heading; because coextensive with our diversity we had articulated a universality, that there was something that could be called human nature,” Alice said.

I agreed. It was as if we were one in this, word for word mutually contingent and reciprocal.

Alice had said, I am recollecting having remembered “. . . yes, we knew decades ago that American oil companies had sold oil to the Nazis out of Mexico; why should anything surprise us about the Oil Gangsters or even the Koch Brothers Cartel. And their names on places for the Arts does not make them philanthropists anymore than the Nazis building theaters made them philanthropists. There was State Ballet in the Soviet Union. But please remember when we talk about the dark waters of Republican support that we do have to recollect that there had never been any President deeper in the pockets of Wall Street than Obama; and it was Jefferson who warned us about banks being more dangerous to a People and their Liberty than standing armies of occupation. Did we heed?

“Obama, with all good intentions, served another political marketing strategy, one set against the People as firmly as anything that the Conservative Moshiac Regan had done, or the heinously oily Anti-New Deal Bill Clinton did–and he was an oily piece of carnival barking shit, wasn’t he?” She asked. “We’ve become insipid, looking no further than the veneer of being Presidential. We don’t expect any substance, only dexterity with acting Presidential, aligning these expectations with how media imaging manages the varieties of stereotyped behavior shifting according to context, whatever the situation,” Alice said.

“Now, Democratic Party shifts to the right aside–and there has been a nearly monolithic shift to the right of the dividing line between eternal liberal and eternal conservative in American politics, make no mistake about that. Any decision between Hilary and Donald was one between more and less conservative–and I am here to say that Hilary was certainly the lesser of the two evils irrespective of whatever John Stewing-in-his-own-kind’s juices tried to pontificate after the election, speaking from being a player with the Monied elites, if certainly not from a position of power, although a place of one-time significant influence.”

I do have to say that his standing in front of Congress next to suffering First Responders at Ground Zero was something that made me rethink a lot of whatever resentment I imagined I might have had for him based on things I thought he meant by what he said when I heard them however whenever long ago . . .

“He garnered his small fortune in TV,” she said, “and I could never understand why until I looked further . . . more closely examining because I believed that it had to be either for what some call talent or what others call the what-he-is, the latter in their minds being more important than what he could do, am I sure that they are sure in whatever it is they think, have thought, said, imagined, believed, understood?”

Questions do beget other questions begetting yet more anymore questions. There is a difference between answering and responding . . .

Alice went on to say when she had said what she did, as I am remembering having remembered, when I did, words I think she said, does it matter how they are formed, by Alice or by me thinking that what I rec all to mind is what Alice was saying? “The being what he was part of the what-you-are that always becomes the first and the last of who gets to play in Hollywood––no?” She did ask, I think I recollect.  . . .

There are others who get to play in Hollywood or other conduits of entertainment who have had to pay with sexual favors––no? Just ask the women in Hollywood–those abused and those paid to enable–or the child stars . . . Hollywood has always been child prostitution central? I know many believe this.”

Alice says so many things that get all bound up together, balled up, we like to say.

“The stereotypes of Thailand having nothing on what some say has always been the core taste of those who run Hollywood,” Alice said.

What more could she have said that some will allow to take away from what there is in here, what she is saying, has said, had said, will likely say again, that anyone with mind to could take as true, as relevant, as significant, socially, politically, What’s it going to be then, eh?

“Those who are not what John is–let’s hear from them. Whatever he is–and he is many things–what-you-are always the same forms of who-you-know; like minded is likeminded, money comes to money and who you know is all anyone needs to know.”

I listened carefully, attentively, without a thought running interference in my comprehension, my later coming to together in mind to draw a conclusion.

“All of the former tags or labels reciprocally rooted for always in what-you-become . . . nevertheless, and let us diverge here––I cannot understand the man who stands with first responders standing with Hilary. It does make no sense, unless the sense we want to make is that both Democrat and Republican are nowhere near what they need to become in order to do right by those First Responders as a matter of course, without hesitation, the will could be there. All ways toward this following that will, which we do see is what is lacking. No courage.”

I do think what Mr. Stewart did took courage.

“Hilary was Obama’s McNamara, a fact that no one I know, coworkers or coleaugues , from among those who think they were Hilary supporters, can come near accepting,” Alice said.

Alice said, “the terms ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ have lost their valence in our current Political Science, neither one maintaining any acuity when we talk politics, our talk becoming an exchange of monologues as if the dynamics of ping-pong were best going to serve our rhetorical strategies in argumentation.”

I heartily agreed.

“Yes, both of them are devoid of their traditional sense, a sense that naturally runs an over arching course through history, mostly lacking in keeping their senses because we no longer have dialogue in America, having lost the capacity for any trenchant dialectic in the Self . . . I know this seems a bit over extended, but there are correlations and contingencies that exploration of the Self has with those of society and persons acting politically in that society––it is impossible, if we think about it, for any of us not to act politically. Apathy and dissociation are politicking of a kind. It has an effect; it is similar to understanding that you cannot not-choose.”

Alice went on, “Nonetheless, there has never been a man to occupy the Oval Office who is more dangerous to We the People and our Liberty, our security, whether that be personal, social, political, or national, than Donald Trump; and this is mostly because he is a horribly stupid man, something assessed by examining his long career in the media spotlight (the ironies derived from this upcoming),” she said. “Furthermore, continuing in the White House his terrible arrogance, his being incapable of showing anything but solipsism, the latter culminating in the geo-politics of nihilism? Hyperbole intended. And irrespective of what you think about Donald, the fore stated is hyperbole,” she said.

“All of these persist in Donald’s actions or acts, having been refracted through the prism of gross egoism, resulting in Vanity being every kind of verity for him and his decision. One delusion follows another and another delusion follows yet another; more and more delusions mounting in a Lear-like tragedy for all?” Aliceasked.

She does not need to be more polite; in fact, I think she is still too restrained. If anyone examines politics and politicking over the last two and half millennia . . .

“Perhaps the only leader of so powerful a country as ours with less sanity was Josef Stalin!?” She wrote. “The exclamation point preceding the question mark makes a necessary split. I knew the Donald was an idiot forty years ago, what happened in our collective acumen? Lost in the morass of under education and semi-literacy masquerading as literate enough?” Alice asked, wondering perhaps how we have come to the place where Donald Trump could be viable candidate for President; howeever, and quite peculiarly, his election is still populist even though he did not take the popular election.

“Don’t get started on the Electoral College because I do support it, and I have arguments for it based on how it has greater respect for minority voting than would be garnered by making the election a National one instead of the Federal one it is; and this is not some out-of-date conception that pertains to a time too remote from ours to be relevant; that’s just wrong thinking, and yes, opinions have value, qualitatively; if ever we get to a place where we raise Whose to say to a universal metaphysical maxim, we will be lost in a morass of quantifying opinions instead of discerning them qualitatively. This is one step shy of turning the People into a State serving Mob, not even a Public, which is what the State  wants from its People mostly, abdicate the role of We the People for that of the Public,” she said.

Alice said: “Let us not play the rhetorical ping-pong we love to play in our political arenas, back and forth with slogans and received ideas, half baked hypotheses we bandy about as if they were socio-political theories, and all in keeping with It is so because we think it is so, the result in a reformation of epistemology where knowledge is virtually impossible and Truth is a lie. Yeah, that Post-post Structuralist cluster-fuck in thinking was going to lead somewhere positive. We have been so systematically under-educated, kept so dismally semi-literate when we imagine ourselves to be educated, we can no longer handle anything but to mount one will to power in face of another will to power, thinking having gone the way of knowledge, Truth and wisdom,” she said.

“All of us creeping about day in and day in once more and again, today, tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, every petty fragment of a notion arising in the masquerade of thinking we perform for ourselves to the last glorious tolling of whatever bell we imagine tolls for a humanity we have abandoned by relativizing human nature until it has become virtually impossible for too many to mount a defense of human rights,” she said. “Randomly passing images in our minds as if this were all we needed to do to think, all of these grotesques creeping in their petty paces through the labyrinthian twists we imagine we should call–I’m tired; I’m exhausted; I’m afraid, very, very afraid for our future,” she said. “There is no time other than now, right?” Alice asked.

“Ever increasing shifts to the Right by the Democratic Party, with a persistent confounding of what the political terms, positions, affiliations, arguments and policies of Liberal and Conservative mean, we must not allow the Donald and the Republicans off the hook,” she said.

“Nonetheless, facts remain facts, and a fact of the 90s was that no man made greater dents in the New Deal than did Bill Clinton––and I am not even saying that Roosevelt’s New Deal was even enough of what should have been done, could have been done, or that it is a shining example of what I would like to see happen (although it was something more than anyone else could have imagined, would have, should have . . .?). Bill was directly responsible for unleashing the banks that lead to 2008, and this is not a contemporary Republican party polemic against the Democrats: Clinton’s Pro-Wall-Street deregulatory actions began while Democrats were the majority in Congress, beginning with the appointments of Robert Rubin, and the Harvard University darling, Larry Summers, in the Treasury,” she said.

“Does anyone recall his dissolving the Glass-Steagall Law from the Great Depression, which had been passed to bar Investment Banks from Commercial Banking activities?” She asked. “No, of course you do not. Does anyone recall the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, ‘which left the derivatives market a laissez-faire Wild West,’ according to the Columbia Journalism Review,” Alice said. “No, of course you do not.”

I continued to listen raptly.

“Clinton got away with a lot of policies that led to the gutting of what we have called the American Middle Class. The only time we reference class is in a blanket over-arching assessment of income that is devoid of any trenchant political analysis of class structure, one that could lead to valid critique of Power and Monied Elites and allow us to see Regan, Clinton, Bush I and II and Obama as all of a piece in the protection of Monied Elites and and the perpetuation of Power as an Elite-only endeavor governmentally,” Alice said.

Alice said: “One does not have to be as mad as Donald Trump to see that the print and broadcast media do protect and support with appropriate spin the interests of elites–why do we still insist on believing that Media elites are not in bed with Corporate Elites, Wall Street Elites, Oil Gangster Elites? With Riegle-Neal, Bill Clinton gutted State regulations of Banks leading to grotesque bank mergers and the too-big-to-fail mind-set. And yes, he was responsible directly for more deregulation that lead directly to 2008 than any President–recall Obama blaming George W. for 2008? I do. But next to Bill Clinton, there has been no greater friend to Wall Street Greed in the Oval Office than OBAMA. But then, there is now no greater enemy of the People than Donald Trump, the charlatan who has harnessed discontent that the press and broadcast marketing strategies for news set entirely on Race, another way we sidestep any prescient discussions of class in America. Are you recognizing a pattern? Class politics structured for the further benefit of Power and Monied elites effects Black America more directly and pronouncedly than even race, but never a peep from anyone in our Politics, our government, our bureaus, our media, our Selves,” Alice said.

Red herrings are what they are, and we have no idea how many we have been following because we have been systematically under-educated for decades already, undermining our literacy and thus our ability to think in a way that can side-step State manipulation and coordination, I say as I have said and re-said, how many times to Alice for as long as I have know her, she and I talking for hours and hours through one or another and another night after night after night.

“Milton Friedman, Bill Clinton and Alan Greenspan are my triumvirate in the pit of a new Inferno,” Alice said, “but then, there are so many semi-literate systematically under-educated college graduates who imagine themselves liberals who, when they hear me rail against Neo-Liberal Globalization, they assume that I am an American Conservative, when in fact I am actually too linked with the Eternal Left to even be an American Liberal, offended as I have been by the Democratic Party and its grosser selling down river of all people–it’s almost as if the one way Power could think of making African-Americans feel better about once having been treated like and called Niggers was to make everyone else a nigger of Money and Power, much the way women everywhere have been Niggers of the world,” she said.

“But it’s carefully choreographed by absenting the word nigger, so everyone is the nigger of money and power, but no one is called a nigger, or the institutions of Money and Power and Media Influence and Governmental Authority do not permit its expression without chastising the expresser,” Alice said. “This of course is not to deny the heinous call and re-call to Jim Crow you hear covertly and overtly in the rhetoric of White Nationalists, White Suprematists and all of their Alt Right allies,” Alice said.

“Not to be out-done,” she said, “Obama went even further than either Clinton or Regan by spending 0ne Trillion dollars to upgrade our entire nuclear arsenal,” she said, “moreover in the process expanding it, making fifty years of attempts at disarmament irrelevant, meanwhile tweaking Putin’s nose as if he was going to say, Yes, please you arrogant Americans, push further for your MILTON Friedman NEO-LIBERAL Globalization; please take hegemony at our underbelly in Ukraine because we will let you,” Alice said. “If Russia had tried to negotiate with Mexico in half the way we tried to get into Ukraine, we’d already be at war. And Obama was a Democratic Party President. IN the seventies, there were many Republicans who would have been opposed to Obama’s geo-political policies; why is it that the American Mainstream Media did not see or say that the President that Obama was most like was Ronald Regan?” Alice asked.

“Furthermore,” she said, “and in direct contrast to all the pseudo-liberal fawning over Obama,” she said, “the former POTUS started more wars than Bush II,” she said, “deported more people than any President (perhaps primarily because he was able to more easily?),” she said; “he inititated no immigration reform (which may or may not have to do with his intentions), spread the drone assassination campaign to all quarters of the world, and okayed Hilary’s desire to topple Libiya by bombing the shit out of it, destabilizing The North African Mediterranean country to the point it cannot contain its borders and has become a hotbed of jihadist terrorism and a funnel for all refugees from Africa of any politicized persuasion, and without screening, to southern Europe (which may have been part of Hilary’s and Obama’s design: that is, to destabilize the EU and necessitate NATO expansion),” she said, Alice did.

“Libya has become one of the great cluster-fucks of our geo-politics, and a potential human disaster on the level of Syria–another of Obama’s great geo-political coups, and it will again become convenient for many of Hilary’s semi-literate college student supporters to blame Russia, when it was Obama who laid hands off ISIS for over a year (was it really that long?) in either an effort to pressure Assad (traditional geo-politics) or topple him in Syria (as the United States has had a hand in doing all over the world for decades and decades, using whoever might be the most expedient or convenient),” she said. “The spin on Obama’s hesitations in dealing with ISIS are in full articulation mode, having at his reputation’s defense, a great many of our mainstream’s most ardent supporters of our former political status quo, something that Trump ironically has us longing for, his election a little bit more than a year after we the people had become fed up with both Democrats and Republicans, especially in Congress, when both sides brought government virtually to a standstill,” Alice said. Alice went on, “Enough of this shit about Russia––when has Russia not tried to stick its fingers into the pie of American Politics; that is old hat. When have any of our allies not tried to do just as much as Russia had attempted during our 2016 Presidential Campaign. The democrats going after this Russia thing instead of anything else they could have done to fight Trump just might have given him the election in 2020. And if you want to worry about pollution or interference––The State of Israel represents repeatedly the greatest threat of governmental and electoral interference in the United States––Netanyahu? Please. There is no greater threat to democracy anywhere in the world including here at home than Reactionary Zionism.”

Alice said: “Obama wanted regime change in Syria more badly than Bush had wanted it, and Bush was training opposition to Assad, as was later Obama, not caring who the Moslem Brotherhood there or in Libya used as its allies. All was good so long as it could meet with U.S. Global Imperialist designs, those aligned with the State of Israel’s over-archingly reactionary political designs. If you want to know where liberalism became conservative and conservatives became reactionary in the grossest possible way, examine the politics of Israel since the late eighties. I just do not get why so many Conservatives have been against Obama, unless it is what his supporters have so persistently claimed, race,” Alice said.

Alice said: “When I tell you that Regan, Bush I and II, Bill Clinton, Obama and Hilary are all of a piece geo-politically, except for style of presentation, spin of the doctors of State and Statism, charisma and shifts in policy, or whether they are in the pockets of oil or Wall Street–why smirk as if your head in the sand is a wiser and more informed position–but maybe it is more in-formed because all information and acts of informing are just that: putting the people in a form the State likes and can easily manage,” she said.

“The media does not lie all the time, that would be absurd and counter-productive; however, the media does serve a propaganda-like function for the State by keeping Power in the shadows, by managing the right image for the Monied elite,” she said, “by maintaining favorable images in the marketing of Government Authority, so long as the agents of Governmental Authority play the games of Power by Power for Power, as Obama had with Wall Street, she said, Alice did.

“I am an OPPONENT of Trump–it sounds ridiculous for me to have to say this, at least to anyone who knows me, has known me these last few decades. I am still shocked–yet not actually for any length of time that could persist past what I already know about power, the dynamics of Power; about monied elites, about how money drives our media, how television has made and broken presidential campaigns. It is a bit surreal that the Trump we knew in New York City forty years ago has become President,” Alice said.

“I remember the people being free to go to hell in a handcart was an expression we used in the Seventies as a marker of a democratic society; however, the manipulation of the People, their transformation into a State serving Public is a lot less or other than the People going to Hell in a handcart,” Alice said, as she had before, all of this before having been said before, “one word or another, one way or another or another, everything creeping along.” 

“There is no time more than now. But Trump was an idiot 30 years ago, and I remember that Aristotle defines an idiot as someone with no general or social concerns–and Trump’s solipsism fits in this definition perfectly. But then, contempo-centrism has come to haunt us; a-historicism has turned and bitten us. Yet, Donald is left as Commander-in-Chief, unable to lead, unable to get out of his own head–there is no reality for him outside of his head. In geopolitics, he is in way over his head, beyond his capabilities. He is actually drowning,” Alice said.

Alice went to say, “And not as a way to say that Trump and Hilary were six of one and a half-dozen of the other, let us also not forget that Hilary and Obama were actually worse than Bush II in the number of conflicts they engaged and the number of times they violated international law and the sovereignty of Nations, allies and foes–and Bush II was bad enough, REAL BAD; but no American IN form(ed) by the mainstream media who are linked with finance capitalists on Wall Street (again, 6 corporations control 90% of our media) will ever read about it except on page 44 in the NY Times, a kind of State Pravda because it is Wall Street Pravda like the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, all meant to keep power and money in the shadows. And this is not akin to Trump’s rants about the liberal media because we do not have a liberal media, unless in contrast to how much reactionary lunacy the Republicans suffer allows us to say anything left of reactionary is liberal. But then this would also amount to a form of insanity,” Alice had said.

Alice said again, “Bush was a liar, of course he would have to be. It’s not whether or not a President lies, but how well he does when he inevitably will. I have heard Obama called the blackface the Monied and Power elite wear in a Grotesque Minstrel Show, and the last time something like that was said in the vicinity of my ears was by a black guy in a bar in Brooklyn. But of course, you knew this, right–no? Minstrel Shows from the White House? It’s too much you say . . . do you not want to examine how grotesque our politics have become?” Alice asked.

Questions beget more horrible questions.

“As endemically racist as we are, was it true that only a black man could sell us the idea that he spoke for the People when he spoke for monied power more eloquently than any President in history?” Alice asked. “And yes, Obama has appeared more Presidential than Trump can muster, which is part of the Stagecraft of Statecraft.  We all too often mistake being Presidential with being a Great President, or it becomes the only way we judge a President–Obama is inordinately charismatic. But then Americans imagine that Rap is not a new minstrel show when it meets the paradigm, point for point. Rap is no more about authenticity than minstrel shows were, no more authentic than any of the costumes of diversity worn by American Totalitarian Bourgeois Capitalists.”

“And when I hear the term ‘white people’ mentioned by anyone, I know I am listening to a Machiavellian drawn received idea because there is no political or sociological term that is more overly generalized or stereotyped than the term ‘White People’,” Alice said.

“We have remained so overly generalizing in the way we talk about politics, about people in relation to political issues, about people in their social standing, in their relationship to the society at large and to the government, as well as government authority in its relationship to the people–that a person of color is often no closer to being precise and accurate when he or she is talking about “White People,” than white people of any ethnicity have a clue what they mean when they say “Black people.” Most White People or Black People have little to no clue what they mean when we say anything about the other, or any other other than each,” Alice said as she has said.

Alice had said, “And there has been no other racial or ethnic term that could possibly be used as we do “White People,” and that’s in Academic discourse and through media conduits, print and broadcast. And I am not even referring to Harvard Professor Ignatiev’s diatribes about Whiteness, White People, or his insistence on the necessity for the obliteration of White People, a particularly virulent form of American Ashkenazi Trickster Politics–one moment white, the next moment not white–and the not-white part I understand, but his blanket inclusion of all formerly referenced Caucasian people to the careful exclusion of Ashkenazi is disingenuous. Beware of this fucker.”

Alice said, “Out of the other side of another mouth Ashkenazi are White People, perhaps the only White People people of Color can trust in a new Hegemony?”

Alice continued, ” I remember having recalled to a friend that another friend had asked, and if one were to examine the politics and politicking of AIPAC . . . if we can talk about the politics and the politicking of White People, I am sure we can talk about the politics and politicking of Ashkenazim, particularly if you want to examine the socio-economics of Sephardim in Israel and their political interactions with European Jews in Israel, most revealingly in the first couple of decades after the British abandoned Palestine.” 

“Tribal politics at its best–and all ethnicities participate in this grotesque will to power, which is why truths and lies have become so relativized, so prevalent, to the utter displacement of any ability to discern little ‘t’ truths or understand and articulate what Capital ‘T’ Truth could mean for us in our pursuit of freedom.”

“We have allowed diversity and multiculturalism to become the new Tribalism, where liberals become conservatives and radicals reinvent themselves as other reactionaries to mirror or mimic the reactionary politics of the Republicans who have decided after Regan to jump off a cliff into right wing lunacy,” she said she had said to a friend. “If America is endemically anything, then it is conservative; the politics of and socio-economics contingent with become no surprise,” said Alice.

Again, she said, “I am a Trump opponent–how could I not be one, having respect for my intellect, and what I sometimes call common intelligence (is it Native intelligence, something provided since birth? by genetics? is their cultural memory encoded on genes as we used to think about when we were teenagers . . .? I cannot keep my tongue in my cheek for long); as well as my education and the culmination in what I call higher literacy (perhaps too much in the way of self-presumed)?” Alice asked.

“I have to add that I actually liked Obama–his presidential-ness mostly. But the truth is the truth concerning how we frame our discussions, frame our terms–we have become ensnared by or in the web of marketing which is never an organic marketplace of need and value of the people by the people or for the people,” she said.

She definitely had been saying for sometime before she said, “Furthering the idiots’s ping pong Americans love to play, are the people who voted for Trump believing anything he says, taking it as gospel! Trump’s supporters felt like throwing a monkey wrench in the machinery of American politics. I understand the frustration, I do. I know too many people of color who will mock me and mock my family and mock the people I grew up with and around, many of whom are fed up with government abandoning them. And, yes, I do believe  that these same people of color have and will over generalize White People, making a plethora of caucasian peoples from too many places and of too many backgrounds and of various metaphysical contexts of origin, religious and or ideological, if not simply class, which is socio-economic and often as well correspondent to levels of education . . . yes, way too over generalizing to be of any use in any kind of trenchant politics, politicking or politique . . . all as if they have a hot line to the Truth, which they will deny the existence of out of the other sides of their mouths . . . far too many do not have a hot line to anything, if the conversations that do get engaged are an indication of what they think, believe, understand?”

“But is it White people alone (I am using White People the way I have heard some African Americans use the reference, including in its use as referents all Caucasian people, even those who have not participated in the socio-political constructs of Whiteness in America, historically and traditionally) when 30 out every 100 Hispanics who voted, voted for Trump–how many tens of millions of hispanics are there in these United(?) States,” Alice said. “More than twice the number of African Americans who voted for Romney in ’12 voted for Trump, no matter how few, double that number found Trump viable, more so than Romney. Why? And if four voted for Romney, eight voted for Trump. Why was Trump more viable? No African American opponent?”

“So much for endemic authenticity from Record-Industry-created images that match African American reality in exactly the same way as Hollywood Stereotyping of any ethnic group you choose to examine has ever matched their social, cultural or political reality. I have never recognized the images of Italians manufactured by Hollywood. If you were to take Hilary’s margin of victory in California out of the election, she loses the election in the total of the other 49 states; and this is one more rationalization for the Electoral College–how regional tipping of elections is not more democratic, because it is not. The election, which is not a National one to begin with, should not be tipped by California.” Alice said.

“How is her gross margin of victory in California deciding the election more Democratic? It’s not. But to listen to Democratic Party leaders and their sour grapes is another reason in a long check list concerning how Democratic Party rhetoric and policy serves itself and not the People, firstly and lastly,” Alice said. “If it had been Hilary who won by the Electoral College, the Democrats would be singing the praises of the system and quoting Madison.”

Alice had said often: “Madison did not frame the Electoral College because he did not trust the people; there were enough popular elections in our dual sovereignty from the on-set. If that had been the reason first and fore mostly, we would have versions of the electoral college at the State level, which we do not. Governors were and are popularly elected. And remember how important Governorships were: John Jay, the first Supreme Court Justice (for life), left the position to become Governor of New York State. Madison made the distinction between Federal Elections and National Elections and the election for President was framed as a Federal election and not a National one. We are still insisting that the President and the Presidency become something other than what the framers went to great lengths to circumscribe so the power of can be reduced.” Alice had said.

“We have a Federal Government that coordinates and connects the States through its bureaucracy and over-seeing, although, from a horizontal position. There is no National Government, only some places under Federal jurisdiction.”

“So,” she said, “in light of this, I reject Michael Moore’s under-read history lessons. Only television constructs the election as a National one–much the way the Super Bowl is framed as a National event, simultaneously shared by most Americans, turning classes into masses, one of the prime ingredients for maintaining a totalitarian re-structuring of State and Society; as it becomes one of the principal results of any kind totalitarianism, a perpetual re-forming of classes into masses; another reason I call America a Totalitarian Capitalist Nation-State,” she said.

“I do not expect most of the people I talk to every day to have read or go on to read the Constitution, let alone understand it, not with what passes for literacy in New York City Education. Teaching majors still making up the bulk of the bottom 30% of university students,” Alice said, “and that has not gotten better, I mean, they have not gotten smarter, even if the percentage has not significantly increased. Having said this how many times to how many people in how many ways remains one of my greater exercises in futility. Yes, stupid is what stupid thinks, and ‘think’ here is not the imagined image, but how the process takes place in the handling of thought in matters of great social importance,” she said.

“You did hear recently how 76% of a Bronx High School graduated, as if that were an achievement, but allegedly only 4% were university ready. However, with liberal arts disappearing and themselves becoming vocations or a grotesque sort, reading and writing with any acumen, quality, or advanced standards of achievement will become a monastic endeavor. The Dark Ages are now–how in love with hyperbole need I become in this here Media manipulated/molded America, Marketing, Marketing, Marketing–it’s a cruel irony that we are ruled by what we used to refer to as Madison Avenue–MADmen, all,” Alice added.

“We have to stop being inane and ignorant and semi-literate and a-historical because those are what WE THE PEOPLE are being, turning into state serving Publicans–the Public versus the People has been a contest set by the Media for the State. Oh, and by the way–I do want to piss on the Patriot Act,” Alice Buconiglio said. Yes, Alice Buconiglio.

“Trump won’t know how to do what he imagines he wants to get done? Remember. Obama’s biggest problem was his entire absence of CACHE coming into office. No one owed him anything. People owe Trump even less; it’s not exactly money that is not the first or the last or the everything of anyone’s cache in Washington. We are not talking about Monied Elites or Power Elites or power, influence or authority in matters or manners of State when we talk about Trump’s money. Trump is a small dog in this kennel or pack. As Obama owed everybody else, so does Trump––the difference we feel is that Trump does not know how to pay back what he owes––he does not have that track record. When Trump is lambasted for his crudeness, his rudeness, his imbecility by print and broadcast media, it is primarily because Trump does not know how to play along with the bigger dogs. He lacks all Presidentialness, which too many find refreshing, but it is hardly efficient or effective in battling special interests . . . although he is as he has been working hard at trying to please the alpha dogs, or those he sees as the alpha dogs. The only respite from Trump will come from a collective understanding by Power and Money and agents of the State Apparatus that Trump is a liability for all concerned. Roosevelt was tolerated politically (which is not to suggest grand conspiracies or direct manipulation of strings) because what he was offering was a way to assuage the populous and get them to go along with being a great social en masse, a Public receiving Public Assistance; all with little cost to Power and Money, real Power and real Money, and by real money, I do not mean Blankfein or other CEOS on Wall Street who are the managers of the Money the Monied elite control.”

“When any virtual political nobody has the banks behind him as Obama did in 08 and 12, you know he has to deliver favors if he ever wants to do anything he thinks he wants to do when listening to the better angels of his nature,” she said. “Does anyone recall the CEO of Citicorp delivering his cabinet suggestions on a piece of paper to Obama, not even hidden behind closed doors, but in view of too many witnesses ever to keep it in the shadows!”

“I would rather be happy than right, but this here political quagmire makes me right when for 25 years I have been saying that without the Soviet Union, with the Democratic Party shift to the right of eternal center, with the way we educate, with our contempo-centrist views of history to the point of becoming a-historical, with the decline in literacy and a multi-culturalism meant only to become costume for American Bourgeois Capitalist, we were headed for being in a deep river of shit with only our hands for paddles,” Alice said.

“Now, I will hopefully unleash the same fury on Trump, only more so?”

As I say too because I like him so, so, so much less than I actually liked Obama. Charisma is worth something; smooth oratory is worth a lot; being able to lie better than the other guy was something as young men in bars with beers in our hands we respected . . . for some reason I pretend is vague.

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April 8, 2019 at 10:24 am

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