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Of the Elites, by the Elites and for the Elites

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There are many nations older than America, of course; there are many traditions far longer in their current continuum, certainly. The United States is relatively new in the world as the world stands in its historical record is not something too many people need to be told. In what the world is becoming, however, how the world is transforming, how a few of the better to best ideas and/or ideals for the future persist, the United States of America just might be the oldest example. So, when considering the points made by the former assertions, it can be said that the United States of America is the oldest society in the world, right? Yes, not, otherwise? The United States is older in how the world is going to be nothing like what it was for millennia. Need we look to the back of our one-dollar bill, novus ordo saeclorum: The New Order of the Ages . . .

In matters of a combined, or a collective, or a unilateral–if not a uniform–futurity, America is the progenitor society; the primogeniture of our combined future. In matters of world Modernity, then, we are the prototype. That, moreover, requires great responsibility, a responsibility we seem too immature to bear?

In a society so in love with determinism after determinism as we are, responsibility is to the future is fumbled along with our responsibility to ourselves. Responsibility is enmeshed with free-will. Our obsession with determinism leads us to displace free-will from discussion, from articulation thus integration in an organic wholeness of the simple separate person. These truths held to be self-evident require a broader understanding of social and historical dynamics, which are never handled by how contempo-centric we are, and we are horribly contempo-centric. Now is not the only time. 

By adopting and integrating a more broadly articulate conception of time, of continuum, of historical processes, we avoid sticking our heads in the sand of now, but also in the sands of a future disconnected from contingencies, or the sands of the past . . . we are solving nothing for ourselves socially, politically, economically because too much of our social order asset against us, and the current hegemony in education and thinking in itself thinking is designed to undermine individuals, thus undermining the People as an institution that can counterbalance the weight of the State. It is not simplistic to think that adopting one set of determinisms after another, in whatever explanation or definition of our conditions that gets bandied about, is not only intended to displace the notion of free-will in the minds and the spirit of the People, individually and collectively (yet collectively in an amalgamation of individuals), but is also set against us by getting US used to the inevitability of these determinisms which become binding and inescapable, if not socially, then virtually socially by cementing themselves in our minds. Our responses are not born of freedom or free-will but remain determined and predictable, one ping pong match of received ideas or slogans born of swallowed dogmas disseminated by a media in alliance with Power and Money, all to the greater and greater benefit of Elites.

Written by jvr

April 22, 2019 at 10:27 am

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