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X: There are many nations older than America, many traditions far longer.

Y: The United States is relatively new in the world as the world stands in its historical record.

Z: But in what the world is becoming, how the world is transforming, how a few of the better to best ideas and/or ideals for the future persist, the United States of America is the oldest example . . .

X: Yes . . . in this way, The United States of America is the oldest society in the world.

Y: How is it that you dispute this? that you stop and puzzle over this?

Z: In matters of a combined or collective or unilateral if not uniform futurity, America is the oldest society.

Y: In matters of world Modernity, We are the prototype . . .

X: If not also the example or model of what a society should refuse, right?

Y: Of course, what a society that wishes to avoid the good and bad of world progression toward the future should deny itself.

Z: Wr are the last best hope . . .?

X: Why the question? It is true.

Y: Yes, of course it is, the last best hope for humanity.


Written by jvr

April 22, 2019 at 10:27 am

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