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Doctor Zaid (he is an M.D.) is a shrewd and clever apologist for Islam; he remains, nonetheless, an eloquent and articulate bullshit artist. Yet he peppers his work with enough truths to make this a masterpiece of Islamic propaganda. Alongside his other veiled anti-Christian and anti Jewish tracts and tomes, this should be taken with a grain of salt. But if I need to tell you that, you are not likely to do it or know how to if you might be inclined to do so.

Given the West’s penchant for propaganda everywhere, not exactly all the time, rather than Truth, marketing rather than an organic marketplace, Dr. Zaid’s response becomes just another “But of course” . . . I do imagine the more semi-literate among ISIS reading his works, particularly his Trinity (a direct attack on Christianity rooted in centuries old fear mongering and mis-information as well as purposeful dis-information that Muslims have disseminated for more than a┬ámillennia supporting bigotry against Christians in Muslim┬ádominated countries), and somehow extracting from it rationalizations for their actions.

Of course, he peppers his work with enough admonition of those who do not take caution or precaution in their religiosity, but I get the feeling that that is more rhetorical show for the purposes of marketing himself as a man of reason and rational pursuit, than any organic adherence to the Truth.




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May 16, 2019 at 10:22 am

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