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Bill Was Hilary’s Albatross

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Was Bill Clinton what we malign this very day as Centrist, that is, if you are an American Liberal, as that term used to stand for something pro-active, politically, affirmative for the People and for Labor? Or was he manouevering to better position himself against Republican attacks on liberal social welfare policies by drawing up concessions as a means of salvaging welfare? Or was he part of the Democratic Party shift to the right because he was really a closet Republican, if only the kind of moderate Republican you found still existing in the 70s???? I know that this was the 90s. Hilary’s biggest problem was never severing her ties to her husband Bill. Stand by your man might be an ethical value if you are a waitress from a trailer park whose husband is a trucker, but not for a woman who has aspirations for the Presidency. No one wanted slick Willy anywhere near the Oval Office again. He may have been the largest liability that any Presidential candidate has ever carried into an election.

Written by jvr

May 21, 2019 at 3:32 pm

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