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Suckers and Circuses; Obama and Barnum

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P.T. Barnum is the Prophet of Our Politics.

It is always the best and worst of times. Any time, for sure, anywhere; for one group of someones or another. How is it that this some-one or another and another, passing each other by, day in and day in again . . . how is it for one person or another person, irrespective of group or grouping; yes, how would it be for this simple, singular and separate human person, man or woman, consistent with or irrespective of physiology. Perhaps an American person, native or non-native, whatever else that does or does not matter inclusively–and this could be exclusive of how this human decides what his politics are? That is a question. Yes, to politick or not to politick.

The best and worst of times is always now, always immediate, misery or happiness can only be in the moment; whatever else, however else, we say, you do as I do, this man me, myself. I am this man deciding for himself just who, what, where and when I am–yes, we are, no? You think otherwise? The question mark is a concession to a convention in rhetoric I do not wish to make my own, but deference in me is sometimes confusing, not always knowing why I do, make them, concessions, question following question, something I say, have adopted as my own from the friend of a friend who writes, has written many, many essays on line in several website/blogs he manages, publishes, edits and contributes to . . . another daily thing he must have done as I now find myself writing morning after morning after morning.

This is an essay I wrote and published some time ago already, originally published as a blog entry in March of 2010, now nearing 7 years ago [that more than two years ago already].

The Trump victory is Chickens coming home to roost

Some have asked this; I know that I have. Now, whether you think legitimately or not, whether you agree or disagree, whether you have well-formed rebuttals or counterarguments or not . . . the fact remains there are millions of Americans who understand that the real Horror of the Trump Presidency will be the aftermath when most Americans will come to think, believe, say that what preceded Trump was not so bad, and that the Status Quo prior to him was okay; that going back to that singularly minted American Political coin, heads Democrats, tails Republicans is good; and their commitment to a Neo-liberal globalization in the name of universal global Totalitarian Capitalism, a world revolution on a scale that Trotsky could have only dreamed of for Communisms, will prevail.

Fish, my grandmother had told my father, begins to stink from the head first. Had any political candidate anywhere ever owed as much to as many banks upon entering office as had Barack Obama on the day he was inaugurated? Did the bankers figure they could not keep fooling all of the people all of the time with Bush II and opted for the more deceiving black man for president as compassionate leader schtick . . . ?

Is the Obama Presidency only white bankers in black face, as horrid as that sounds; a Washington Minstrel Show with our Chief Executive the chief architect of social welfare for the moneyed elite? Did we examine his track record in Congress, just what he did vote for or did not vote for; what his attendance record was and how long he was on Capitol Hill . . . who owes this novice outsider anything? Who does he owe big, big time, even bigger money. What was it, 13 billion to Goldman, Sachs? To save the economy? To save us? To save the Banks . . . who was delivering their recommendation lists to him for Cabinet positions . . . one time the CEO of Citicorp?

Yes! And Obama was our great Liberal leader . . . everyone in  Washington has become Republican . . . the Democrats have only become the moderate wing of the Republican Party, and if there are any politicians who are actually left of the eternal left-right dividing line, they are only slightly a little to the left of it. But then when Capitalism is the best of all possible worlds; when Capitalism has been equated with, made to stand in synonym for freedom, the only milieu within which democracy can arise and function . . . yes, saving the banks is saving us, US.

In, or especially from, our free media–and what is it that we have in our Media? How do they function? What purpose do they serve? Power and Money help convince us otherwise in terms of directing us against our interests; moreover, they help convince us that the media in America does not serve a propaganda function for the Power Elites and the Monied Elites, when in fact they do.

Now, everything cannot be fake all the time everywhere . . . even the Nazis, for instance, insisted on actual film for their newsreels, actual footage for their propaganda pieces . . . you can’t lie all the time about everything. That’s not how Propaganda works . . . especially if effective is how you want it to work, which everyone that uses propaganda wants . . . what are we talking about here if we think our press and broadcast conduits do not have everything in common with power and money––six corporations own 90% of print and broadcast media conduits, including, as well, as social and cinema media. Now this does not mean that the Monied elites and the Media elites (sometimes two hats on one entity) are part of the State; but they do function in cooperation with the State apparatus. Value coherence between State and the Capitalist class, among power and money and influence and authority.

Ours is only an allegedly free media, not actually free because Power and Money wants those who are supposed to be the protectors or guardians of our freedom to maneuver the  social and political dogmas of state in the process. The print and broadcast media as much as any agency of government sworn to protect the state and all that is by the state, for the state and of the state, are the ministers of this propaganda that serves the interests of Power and Money, keeping them in shadows where it can, when it can, however it can–our docility and psychopath of politeness–and we are psychopathically polite, which is what gave Trump’s crudeness such credibility––are how this persists as it has pervaded.

Yes, even this allegedly free media represent firstly and fore mostly the monied interests of state and society as often as they presumably protect the freedoms of the people. Did anyone love the candidate Obama more than our allegedly free media, or was their love a fear of being called racist if they questioned Obama as they hounded and haunted Hilary Clinton in 2008. There has been no greater champion of neoliberalism in the west since Blair and Bill Clinton like Obama.

Media has advertisers, and when millions of dollars are spent on advertising to sell goods and services in an economy upwards of tens of billions of dollars, no branch of media will ever be completely separate from the state and its ideology, its programs, no more than Krups was separate from the Wehrmacht, the great industrialist of the Nazis regime that made hundreds of millions of dollars on the misery of tens of millions of people, reaching a zenith of economic hegemony through slave labor. Enjoy your coffee made in a Krups coffee maker. If you do own anything made by Krups, you are supporting the family that supported Hitler as no one else did or could have. And that family was in a position to know all along who was working and where and how. How is our growing Corporatacracy different; our government still must maintain the illusions of democracy where the Nazis did not have to. But do not imagine that the axis of power between the Nazis and Krups was vertical, no; it was level horizontal.

But then, America has had its experience with slavery as has the Soviet Union, China and Japan; as has England, France, Jews, Arabs, Romans, Greeks, as well as any other people, tribe, country, city-state, whatever have you in political identity and affiliation;  you wish to choose in random observation any other, please do–the ancient Hebrews, the Persians, the Hittites, the Ottomans, the Annamese, the Moguls of India, black Africans forever in Africa holding and selling and initiating the African slave trade . . , because without black African tribes, kingdoms and empires  taking, enslaving and selling other black Africans, you would not have an Arab African-slave-trade as burgeoning as it was when Europeans came along centuries afterwards to pick up and take off with it across the Atlantic. Black, White and Other.

I have not begun to discuss wage labor, minimum wage, and the unavailability of affordable health care, even for children–Health Care Plus is mostly a joke when you examine closely the pay schedules and at what income level a single mother would have to start paying in full for her child. I’m still unclear as to exactly what Obama’s health care means for me.

The hostility to families and children and the elderly in this society from government and bureaucracy is alarming; I don’t expect the capitalist class to favor workers and their benefits, but when the agents of government sworn to serve the people serve mostly the capitalist class, then the idea that capitalists have about maximizing profits by minimizing costs will become entrenched in government too. The latter’s policies will always be about cutting costs, maximizing fares and tariffs and taxes on the people in a hard sell about asking not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.

Can anyone tell me why the CEO of ABC gets 72 million dollars a year? And do any of us actually think that if we repealed the Second Amendment, we would ever see the rich and power elite give anything at all back to the society that easily allows them to multiply greed in the name of freedom and free enterprise [not that they fear anything from the people as docile and facile as they have become, complacent to live a kind of complex wage and debt serfdom as long as bread and circuses remain at their finger tips for always]? Do any of us think the First Amendment would actually survive the year if the Second were ever repealed? 300,000 fuckin heads! No less.

Roosevelt did do more with less than Patterson or Bloomberg will ever be willing to do. There is little notion, let alone any idea that the state must serve the people; Obama’s age of service, as delivered in his Inaugural Address, seems more in line with Kennedy’s ask not what your country can do for you, which was the beginning of state abdication of serving the people. Did we also not delude ourselves that JFK was brighter and younger and more energetic and livelier for the office of the Presidency, just what it needed? In America, though, the State can do without the people and would prefer a more massive and self-denying public, as the public is always the people in service of the state, for the state and by the state, with the state always.

We see it already with government seeking to increase taxes and costs at the same time they seek to reduce services. One year after airlines played a charade with the burgeoning recession by dropping airfares, most have almost doubled them back. Perhaps you think I protest too much when I say that government has not been as generous as our current governor has recently stated when he set his sights on decreasing pension benefits for state workers; but then it is Gertrude who says that she thinks the lady protests too much, herself watching the play within the play, The Murder of Gonzalgo. But then we will soon be without him; but we have been without ourselves for a lot longer. We have abdicated our responsibility to freedom a long time ago. The road to perdition . . .

And with all the lip service from President Obama paid to how Bank executives get paid their bonuses, I don’t see anything happening, nor do I suspect that anything will. He owes them too much, which is why he gave them 13 billion dollars he continues to tell us was to save us. What this points to is how much Obama has owed the banks, or that he felt he owed them, how much he was bought by them from the beginning . . . you cannot tell me that Goldman Sachs did not know what was coming before the fiasco and got themselves a Democrat to back who had no network of cache in Washington to deflect what he wound up owing Wall Street. Bush II was an oil gangster baby; no Wall Street for him, or for McCain.

Once more, I sigh, once more, I cry: Was there ever a presidential candidate in the last fifty years who had so many of the top banks behind him during his campaign? Did I not ask if banks could not have disseminated their money over hundreds of thousands of small contributions while still contributing largely to his campaign. Hundreds of millions of dollars.

Fish always stinks from the head down. And we look to Obama as a shining light.

Obama! O Bankers!

Look at Obama’s top five contributors. Look again at his political track record; he voted how many times . . . ? I want you to find it? Look it up.

Look at Geitner and his Goldman Sach’s ghouls on the government payroll. Has there ever been a president deeper in the pockets of the banks than Obama. But then we are an endemically racist society, whereby we did believe that because Obama was black he was better equipped to speak for the little man, for John and Jane Doe, the average American. However, wouldn’t this also presume that a black man has a hotline to the Truth, or the lesser truths of our lives, that he somehow rises above the median to reach heights of compassion and justice the rest of us who are not black can not. Wouldn’t that also infer, if not only imply, that black people are immune to greed, are predisposed to acting fairly and responsibly when managing authority and exercising power. They would also then be ubermenschen, no?

Obama certainly is in the opinions of his most ardent supporters. Nonetheless, the evidence is clear in America; the history of any people and their record of helping their people or hindering their people cannot for long remain clouded. Cain is Abel’s brother, remember.

Looking to anybody to do good because of what he is, is folly. But then white people voting for Obama because he is black is not the same thing as black people voting for him because he  is black, and there was plenty of that. Voting for Obama because he is a great orator is yet another thing; voting for him because he is the Democratic Party candidate is yet another.Voting for him because of his platform is yet another delusion, as are the rest of the reasons for voting for him, or all previously stated reasons to support him.

Voting for Obama because he was and is a charismatic leader is yet one more reason to vote for Obama—but the reasons why we voted for him pale next to the reasons the banks got behind him, and why he has gotten behind them with tax dollars. The greatest con from the Oval office has been from Obama convincing us that it is our tax dollars needed to bail out the banks to save us, all the while he does nothing, virtually, to beat the banks’s corruption and what they do with that money, hiring Geitner and others from inside the fiasco.

heObama wants the people to serve the state so he can go on serving the banks through the state; and he can keep going on vacation. Obama’s age of service, Kennedy’s ask not what your country can do . . . are both of a piece in turning We the People into a Public that serves the State because that is what Publics have always done. It is the difference between the People and the Public. Do not imagine you should imagine less.

You want me to say more, think more on it, what I have said herein re-presented. I do not have more to say. This is all the more I can add. I do not wish to add an author’s

Afterword . . .

All prefaces and introductions are really words after not afterwards placed, so whatever went before is all I have to say after. I am not going to interpret for you; I am not going to place in this the context of my life. There is enough for you to conclude what you imagine you think you want to know.

I have a friend who has a brother who has a friend who has a coworker who has a brother-in-law who goes on and on about having  a friend who keeps saying, 300,000 fuckin heads! Yeah, he built a functioning guillotine one Fourth of July–you might have suspected that he should have waited for July Fourteenth, but no, it was July Fourth. It was built so he could cut the watermelons he bought by the dozens, watermelon all day long for all the kids on the block, his neighbors and their guests out front in line to have their water melon sliced after the whole watermelons were cut in half by his functioning guillotine, and on each one he had a politician’s name or a media celebrity’s name, yes, even CEOs from Wall Street, Television, Oil.

He would, as he has said time and time again, take the top five paid sports figures in each sport’s league and chop off their heads at the center of the court or field on which they play. He’d do the like for Hollywood actors and directors and producers; on film. TV stars and anchors and talk-show hosts and of course the top ten wealthiest Senators, the top ten Representatives and all living Presidents. Pit their children on pikes, take their fathers and mothers by their reverend heads and dash them again walls, beating them to death with clubs while video taping the events with voice over listing their crimes against the People, or so my friend says his brother said that his friend did say that his coworker had said his brother-in-law had said that his friend keeps on keeping on about what I just here presented to you as if from first lips to your ears, although if that is exactly true, we will not know; but then, this idea that that what gets told from one to another to another and then another and another winds up corrupted from its original message, diverted from its initial intention, is a prejudice of literacy. Oral cultures have amazing memories residing in its individuals.



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