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Savagery and Civilization

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Toward a Renewed Geneology?

How many more savage rituals of blood did the Bolsheviks or the Nazis invent than we? Is murder in America the anti-dote for totalitarian slaughter? How much more fanatical were the Bolsheviks or the Nazis than the Inquisitors of Spain, than any redneck of the Ku Klux Klan. Is bureaucratically sponsored and managed mass murder the anti-dote to religious fanaticism? What is our greatest persuasion? Where lies our weakest link of chain . . . mind forged, again, the manacles we wear most proudly, the latest bling. Invisible chains less binding we must have thought than the stronger links of chain of the Rosary, or those of the Jewish prayer belt, or Buddhist prayer bracelet beads.

Religiously we practice life, and we do practice it; life lived like law or medicine; how we practice, practice, practice . . . at least a ballerina gets to perform; a surgeon only practices. We are able to understand that murder among the poor is tolerated by the state as a means of reducing unemployment; just as conservative politics, which are always conservative socio-economic policies, themselves always liberal for the elites, will always support anti-abortion as a means of increasing the population of the poor in order to keep wages lower. No? You disagree.

Every link of chain signals what? Everything we do, we do religiously, don’t we? It’s all about linking, re-linking, the chains each one of us a link of chain as Italians were each to be un fascio; the chains that bind, banded sticks; oh those banded sticks, senators of Rome walking with the axe of Justice at the end of a heavy handle of banded sticks. One after another only ever what we imagine to say or  what we could say how we do the things we do each day passing in its petty paces . . . our murmors are our rumors.

None of this a mere measure of our devotion; to what now are we devoted? Participators all of us in the grand show of propaganda. It is a mistake that propaganda is all lies. Propaganda is about how to manage truths as well as the idea of Truth; it is a means, systemic and systematic, by which populations are moved to action and support. Propaganda does not only exist in Communist societies, themselves we do believe the only ones that can be totalitarian.

Nowhere do people seem so bent on being what they should, as when they come together to say just how much they agree with each other about what others should not be, finally. Every one of them consenting to an opinion none of them ever held before, as we do here in America, over and again, waiting for the media to tell us what we think, how we think it, how we should revise it, that which we never thought until we were told we have thought, not even should think; but a have thought as if this special thinking has been on-going inside of us without us having the ability to know until we are or were told, will be and will be and will be, on and on in petty pace after pace until the last syllable of the prescribed proscriptions we swallow as our new political prescription.


Written by jvr

May 31, 2019 at 2:50 pm

Explication from a Fictional Essayer on the Fictional Essay

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I will not make you comfortable by feeding you explications of my fiction, fictional voices are what they are when they are, however they are . . . fictional essays are the product of a fictional essayer, the expositor persona is allowed his opinions irrespective of what you think, why you think it, how offended you might be. I am not here to feed you new recipes for American liberal pablum any more than I am going to either soften my satire or my criticism of our contemporary conservative culture, itself as entrenched as it has ever been, more so than it has been in I cannot say, perhaps ever.

I will not be polite for the sake of politeness as some in these dis-united States adhered to, mostly psychopathically. Please read closely, carefully, the need for re-reading is strong. And yes, we had adhered to a virtually psychopathic politeness, a dogmatic adherence to that did lead to some thinking Trump was the antidote . . . yet another mis-taken understanding.

Written by jvr

May 31, 2019 at 9:55 am

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