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The Great Social En-Masse

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Power and Money Elites have no fear, none. We the People are as docile in face of Power as any People have ever been in America. We are the enemy within; we are the barbarians inside the gates. We are more willing to threaten each other than Power. Right at a time when both Democrats and Republicans might have been suffering a mutual disapproval rating lower than ever before, along comes Donald effectively to divide us. He has us at each other’s throats, and Power and Money seem to be enjoying it. The Print and Broadcast Media Elite (who are members of the Power Elite in as much as they are wielders of great influence and do serve a propaganda function for the Power and Monied elites; and members of the Money Elites in as much as they are controlled by just six corporations and thus represent large corporate profit ) seem to be behind this transformation. Now we long for the Status Quo we were willing and ready to reject just four years ago. Beautifully done.


Written by jvr

June 4, 2019 at 9:33 am

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