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A Friend of the People Opposing Elites; Social and Political Commentary of Thomas Sarebbenonnato; Publishing and Contributing Editor, Jay V. Ruvolo [Copyright (c) Jay Ruvolo 2018]


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Intelligent, yet somewhat naive; articulate, yet nearly subsumed by received ideas and other cliches born of the dominant socio-political rhetoric of her contemporaneity. However, there are plenty of ways in which she remains apart from previously formed informers of the status quo . . . she is unique.

An unwitting stooge for the State, unable or unwilling to address issues of class, opting fro the same trite rhetoric of race that has left issues of race unresolved. She is really a benign revised-New Dealer, which is a lot better than Obama or Hilary, and certainly far far from the grotesque manias of Donald Trump.

Preferable to the Status Quo, but in as much as she did grow up more white than I did, having been subsumed by the status quo forms of the Bourgeoisie, she will only be the space of pretended subversion to masquerade freely in order to control any real attempt at reform.



Written by jvr

June 16, 2019 at 2:56 pm

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