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How can we expect to get any politician other than Trump, other than Obama, other than Hilary or Bush II or Cheney or Bloomburg or Spitzer? I ask in earnest; I know the answers will come in floods? How is Bill Clinton like any of the others; for reasons other than superficial or in some of his rhetoric or polices or acts signed into law––how is Bill Clinton more like Ronald Reagan than like any other human being like me, myself, as I am socially, economically, influencially, politically powerfully? Let us not think we have to discuss New York’s biggest Wiener. We will not be able to handle anything nearing articulate discussion of any contemporary politico, when we have so little respect for––so flaccid a reverence for––Truth, for Reason, for Objectivity . . . for Beauty, for any capital letter idea or ideal, a notion that anyone with sense and/or sensibility for what we might have called human feeling if what is felt is humane.

Even the language we speak we have lost respect for or admiration of; we possess so little love and passion for it. We do little other than cluck, bark, moo or baa your way through most discussions of anything, let alone those that are political.

Now we are faced with an alleged new wave of law makers, those who have supposedly come from our or any other’s grass roots. I have heard the names, I have heard the slogans, the cliches, the trite expression and received ideas and I am unsurprisingly little impressed.

There is one I have heard that seems to have everyone who imagines he or she is someone fro whom political progressiveness is of concern, of decried result, and that is one Ocasio-Cortez who offers solutions to problems meant to mask the greatest problem we face: that the State helps maintain a social order governed by the overarching need for more and more profit to the exclusion of people.

Now, Ocasio-Cortez uses the word people, often, but means Public, the State-serving kind that was the hallmark of all of Obama’s rhetoric of service. Ocasio-Cortez, if I am permitted to say, grew more white than I did. She is yet another (alleged) woman of color here to serve People of Color; but the authenticity of that colored existence, being?, is only the mask of color she wears over the American Bourgeois Capitalist she is at heart, the latter identity being what besets people of color more than the Whiteness others like her use instead of the appropriate diction of Capitalist critique.

Moreover, speaking and writing are no longer endeavors to be perfected, set in judgement by a hierarchy of standards meant to raise thinking, no. We have abandoned the notion of hierarchy, adolescently believing that maintaining hierarchies of achievement have helped garner other repressions, social, political, colonial, imperial and any hybrid of the four.

We have a lot less reverence  for the literary, it seems, than we do, or now can, have for what remains insipid, mundane, derivative, programmatic expression; one mediocrity following mediocrity, the first and last in all contemporary will toward further democratization, or so we imagine.

You cannot tell me that what passes for education in the Public Schools––and let’s examine here in New York City––or what is maintained as the educational standards in many of the institutions of higher learning anywhere (especially in the community colleges) has anything to do with the traditions of universita as I have stood under them, have come to know how they accreted over time in our tradition(s). But then humanism is a joke today; it is at best in most contemporary parlance an ugly moniker to be avoided as in one or another taboos we impose on speech.

This tradition I refer to is what has been called Western Civilization––and yes, there is a Western Civilization as there has been one, and it was not invented at Oxford in the 18th Century, as too many derivatively Structuralist derivatively Marxist critiques have insisted? I am not ad hoc throwing out the structuralist puppy with its flea bath water, nor am I setting myself up in opposition to any of the many Marxist inspired critiques of Capitalism or Western hegemony, assumed by any one or all of western imperialisms and colonialisms, most effectively through one of the several African Slave Trades, that being the Atlantic African Slave Trade (even if I do prefer Marx sometimes to any one of his disciples, apostles . . .).

I am too much like my Italian-Italian cousins, whereby I understand that Western Civilization exists and has existed for more than a few millennia, and continues to be true irrespective of how many asians have come to live here in America; of course there are those of you who will disagree, perhaps out of a misguided adherence to an anti-metaphysics born of a dogma and ancillary received ideas formed by a Post-Structuralist critique, a lot of it in America more highly propagandized than any thinking person should allow, accept, use or dis-avoid; yes, our traditions, in as much as there are many cultures in this civilization’s mainstream and tributary streams, is a tradition that has forbearance on our contemporaneity.

The overarching pedagogy in our culture has only to do with the most topical and relevant in education, a pedagogy that panders to the new student as patron, student as customer, university as store.  We cannot really believe that the loss of liberty or the erosion of civil rights has nothing to do with waning literacy, the inability to express ourselves in the written word, which can inform how we speak; and after having spent more than fifteen years teaching freshman composition in several colleges. it is clear to me that a systematic effort to under educate is a multi pronged initiative to first, get more while delivering less (and teachers do do less and students do learn less and do leave with lesser abilities); and two, students who learn less and develop lesser abilities also fail more often, even at lower standards (which had to be lowered to adjust upwardly the percentages of those who  do pass while being under educated); this perpetuates the need for remediation at the college level, thus more jobs for those who are getting more for less by under teaching; and three, insuring that power and its politics will continue to support their under efforts because a semi literate undereducated population is more easily controlled than even a peasant/folk illiterate one; and this undereducated population will not be able to negotiate the forums for greater democracy or democratization, and can be more easily channeled into lower expectations which help keep wages lower.

By design or in effect, however it has happened, it is happening now and our nation as a nation of people suffers; as a nation of the public, a public that always abdicates its role as the people, which is the role We must perennially fulfill to have weight enough to counterbalance that of the State. We become a public that must be in service to the state in order to get its crumbs from the table of the state–as this kind of nation, the idea is spreading. By this we have seen power become more powerful and money more monied.

Of course now the University of learning is the Diversity of appearing to have learned, which in fact is only another form of subdividing the market to increase profits, the profit here for the colleges is enrollment, for the state, an increase or a perpetuation of enough under qualified to fill the welfare roles, if not just enough semi qualified to fit the perfunctory office menials who will partly administer the state bureaucracy which will only grow and demand that morons be managers.

Pedagogics of failure in our teaching of reading and writing ensure that both of these are either perpetual or maximized; it will insure we have enough people who will prefer bread and circuses to advanced literacy and freedom.

We have submitted ourselves and our energies to engaging the ritual practices of the dual cults of the Now and the New; neither of these serve truth, both of them preach the salvation of doubt.  Both of them or either at any time here and now, or then and there, serve only Mammon inside the ritual practices of the most degraded materialism.  American materialism is a religion where we worship a new God as ourselves, doing so as no one devout anywhere in the world at any time would have for his God or Gods.  Religious faith has transferred its manifest forms.

One of the greatest tricks of our culture has been to convince us in our liberalism that all organized religions are the enemies of freedom, while we maintain a fervent religiosity for all things secular, for all things material, and in this culture, for all things Capitalist, a fully maximized bourgeoisification managed toward making everyone pseudo bourgeois, at least in managed expectations for the further cementing of the Totalitarian Bourgeois Capitalist State. Poor people in America are all of them pseudo Bourgeois to make the rhetoric of State cooperation with Monied elites less alien, more familiar.

Saving the banks, Obama sold to us as a measure to save us, when in fact, to save the banks was to save the banks and we never entered into the equation except in as much as all Political Power must have deference for at least an assumed sovereignty of the People, even if they have already been made thoroughly into accepting their role as a State-serving Public, only called the Public. That’s why States work so hard at trying to transform the People into a Public, to make their gross concessions to Corporate Wealth the will of the People, layered in one veil of illusion after another.


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June 19, 2019 at 8:58 am

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