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The Telling of the Ravings of a Man in a Bar in Manhattan [Fiction]

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A friend of mine told me a story told to him by a friend who had been told by a friend who in turn had been told by the latter’s brother’s sister who had been told the story by her husband after he had heard it from a coworker who had heard it from his wife who had heard it from her sister who had been told it by her husband who had been told it by a coworker of his who had said he had heard it from his cousin’s sisters husband at a bar-b-q one afternoon into evening last Fourth of July as fireworks had begun to explode around them in the neighborhood they were partying at. The story went as follows, if I recollect it correctly,  “A man in a bar who was not drunk but had obviously had a couple was talking to his friends about a man he had been with the day before in a bar having a few, as he said, when the man raised his voice to say that he had heard of some contemporary historian, he thought whose name was Yuval Noah Harari–to which the man then telling the story of the man he was with at the bar then said, Do any of you know this historian? To which no one assented. The man then said the man he was drinking with became a bit incensed, a little vehement when he then said ‘You have to read this asshole’s stuff . . . he’s a closet anti-Christian, a vehement anti-humanist, a vociferous Propagandist for the Statist ideals of a future Brave New World; and he is a valuable intellectual asset, if not a direct client, of the State of Israel, as reactionary as its moderate politics have been,’ said the man in the bar about his drinking buddy the day before, ” or so goes as it went, the story told and retold and told yet again as it had been heard and relayed, I am not counting here.


Written by jvr

July 8, 2019 at 12:06 pm

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