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From the Mind of Jimmy Dolan, Irish Catholic Bar Tender from Brooklyn [flash fiction]

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Jimmy Dolan, 62, bar tender, O’Murphy’s Publick House: “I remember Spike’s rant––tirade––on Gentrification in Brooklyn, back, when was it? In 2014? Yes, it was 2014, and in typical American fashion, typical New York Media manipulation, we only got the black and white of it, no pun intended. We do not articulate a point of opposition throughly, only pick white or black to defend as if we were playing checkers or chess, more like the former, particularly in how we handle, manage, explicate the truth or truths of an issue, circulating circumstance, happenstance, situation, position, point-of-view, polemical opinion.

“You can find the text of his rant on line . . . but just let me say in belated response . . . I wrote this out. Let me read it. I wanted to put this on my Facebook page, but I don’t really know a whole lot about all this bullshit . . . anyway:

 You do not have to be Black to dislike White (read Protestant Bourgeois) hipsters. But please do not assume I am in Spike’s camp, although I do understand some of what he is saying, especially how Power and Money will only improve an area so long as the poor are displaced––where there are no black people who are the poor people concerned (dis-concerned), gentrification happens to other poor people . . . around the world. Please understand that in the above reference to Protestant Bourgeois, I leave space opened for the inclusion of pseudo-Protestant Bourgeois because in my mind, the Spirit of Capitalism, especially here, is the metaphysics of Protestantism, and that everyone becomes pseudo Protestant whether they are born into Protestant reality or not. To focus on the the race-only explication is to seek solutions or answers that are either doomed to fail or be less than sufficient. Power wants you chasing red herring after red herring, and so long as you can rant about it, Power can say you are free.

“There is no greater example of Public Mind subsuming a person than when you listen to what is said in this country on race––and that is whether you are Black or what everyone here likes to call White––and that is the disservice, to black people and to democracy and to the People opposed always to becoming a Public, the Public who are always state serving, as my friend Jay has been saying for decades.”

Written by jvr

September 9, 2019 at 12:20 pm

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