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Power is Power is Power Always Acting Powerfully

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Power is power in America, of Power, by Power, for Power.  As Power is everywhere in the world, as it has been everywhere in the world for all time. The costumes change. With regime or with time or with place––which country? We could ask. This country, that country, another country––the undiscovered country? New countries, old countries, exhausted countries. Politics remains politics everywhere for all time and all people, all Peoples?

I could continue to ask questions about Power that seem more relevant to We the People now,  but I do know that too much of what we fix on, focus on too acutely are matters more superficial than paradigmatic. There is something in the paradigms of power that are true for all time that we are not getting at, that we are disallowed from discussing by Power and Money, and when we talk Power and Money we are talking of a corporate usurpation and control of education, particularly Higher Education; we are also talking about the 6 corporations that control over 90% of all media, Print, Broadcast, Cinematic and Social . . . .  

Race as it exists problematically in America is a symptom of Power, an extension of its dynamics, an effect of the history class warfare . . . again, which are not elements we allow ourselves to see or address.

If someone told you that more unarmed white people were shot and killed by the police last year you would not believe it. You would deny it. You would certainly vehemently call it bullshit or some Trump-like propaganda, but you would be wrong, not only about the fact herein inferred, but just what propaganda is, how it functions, how it is contructed. Yet according to Trump supporters, all mainstream media is fake; but then there are those who think all mainstream media is in a manner fake because it is an extension of an endemically racist society, and an extension of white supremacy. Fake versus Fake. Propaganda cannot be all fake.

Note well herein now, that unarmed means nothing in your hand, and if you want to know how many unarmed persons were shot and killed by the police last year or the year before, there is a database kept by the Washington Post online, a database that can easily be accessed, although in our troubled time it seems that this publication is not making it a matter of overt access. But I am sure that too many of my fellow neo-liberal and neo-conservative Americans will only be able to cut and paste and spin the information to the advantage of their narrative . . . I do want you to explain to me why the Tony Tampa killing in Dallas received no national attention, no national outrage, no use of any kind in the narrative against the use of police force? But you cannot; or, you will not––and for the time being, each is equally as effective for the maintenance of State Power in its alliances with the Monied Elite.

If the stats in the database are accessed, it should become easily realized that more white people were killed by the police than black persons holding something that might not be construed as an imminently deadly weapon––things such as cell phones, toy weapons, rocks, flash lights, pipes among other things in hand––but so long as the victim is white, there will be no virtue signaling from neo-liberal White Protestants, especially bourgeois, particularly the kind who come and remain complicit in the gentrification pf black neighborhoods, which is why they vociferously virtue signal, although disingenuously, especially when they point a finger at my Italo-Irish-French-Catholic-American person and demand or insist or harangue me into sharing their White Protestant guilt by calling me White, mocking me in any effort to cllmyself anything other than White, telling me I must atone, must look inside myself as they purportedly have, allegedly seen the cancer of racism . . . probably the same racism they themselves are trying to atone for, the beam in one’s own eye . . . the same racism their grandfathers and great grandfathers used to lynch my Italian American brethren, but let us not lead ourselves into the temptation of contempt . . . but I will sddress White and Black Protestant People and their endif anti-Catholic sentiments, the ways in which they say and repeat bigoted memes with impunity . . .

Nonetheless, the database identifies “white,” “black,” “hispanic,” “asian,” “other,” “unknown.”

Now, fleeing the scene of apprehension by the police in one’s vehicle and subsequently being shot behind the wheel of that car does not constitute being unarmed––try to understand things as they are so you can address what they are and what you would like to see change because I do know that too may on either side of the coin that gets socio-politically flipped into-liberal oe neo-conservative results in more power for Money and more money for Power, as well as more money for Money and more power for Power . . . no, you do not see that? You think that Trump and the neo-conservative politicizing and mobilizing the trailer park is not a mirror image of Black Activism mobilizing and politicizing the ghetto, as if the trailer park and the ghetto are not flip sides of one mental coin signaling a single minting, one metal serving the interests of Power and Money whiling dividing the poor, the poverty classes, especially the white and black generational welfarists, which is why or how Democrats and Republicans can sidestep the issues of the working classes, disavow any effort to deal with labor, destroy labor,  attack unions. Democrats and Republicans both have been anti-Union.

The Washington Post provides free access to this website that provides a highly articulate filtered databank on Police shootings. What is clear is that year in and year out, more unarmed white men are shot and killed by the police than unarmed black men––of course a much higher percentage of African Americans are shot and killed by the Police, but African Americans represent over 60% of all robbery perpetrators and 53% of all murder convictions . . . and I cannot even imagine what acrobatics in rhetoric you would need to sidestep that fact, especially when 93 out of every 100 black persons murdered is murdered by a black person; 13 out of every 100 white persons is murdered by a black person . . . these are consistent averages for over several decades of data garnered by independent academic research; the US Department of Justice and there FBI data. Of course you can dispute and dismiss ad hooch all information gleaned from anywhere so long as it does not support your half-truths, that in itself the very essence of propaganda . . . half-truth as full information––and in todays media that are our messages, information amounts to IN…Formation. Get in line, my beautiful marionettes.

Now this is not to say that everything Black Lives Matters says, purports, infers, defends, seeks has been turned irrelevant. That would be what Power would want you to conclude––almost exactly what Power wants and has achieved by keeping white people and black people separated from the facts––how is Tony Timpa’s mother and George Floyd’s family joining hands on TV not in service of working to fight abuses of Power, unless they are kept separate because the print and broadcast journalism that serves Power and Money do not want to address issues of power but the more deflective issues of race, which then do not have to address the real systemic problems of Power as Power acting powerfully always, all the time everywhere against the People being Power of Power, by Power for Power until th end of days.

Yes, print and broadcast media outlets do keep US apart––perpetually divided. But then, this also has something to do with the very print media the Washington Post is a part of. The fact that this database is not in the forefront of what the Post prints is suspect. But why do I not hear anything about unarmed white person being shot by the police as support of the argument that unarmed black men are shot? Because it is not in BLM’s interests to attackPower, they would not get 100 million dollars from the FORD FOUNDATION.  BLM taking money from White Supremacist Ford? Seems mightily disingenuous, but then, this does speak to the issue of BLM not really addressing Power and Money except in how Black people can get reparations anymore money, another party of playing a role in the corporate grab bag, shifting the ficus of Corporate sponsorship, which is always about being either a complicit double agent or another useful idiot in the se4rvice of Power. Nothing about the universals of Power; nothing about how power and police have been in the past and are today used against White People; nothing about Black and White Protestants and their anti-dago attitudes and bigotries, all along the line of anti-Catholic, something print and broadcast American-Ashkenazi serve daily; and if you are going to try to make this Anti-Semitic,first check the ADL’s tracing of the rise of an endemic Anti-Semitisim among the Black Community, especially Black Activists mobilizing the protests . . .I had students who complained of racist attacks against their Chinese persons by African Americans several times in February and March of 2020 related to COVID 19 and the wearing of masks, and they said they did not want to complain because when they tell Americans that it was an African American perpetrating a racist attack, the white person tries to make it less, asks insulting questions like Are you sure you did not do something to provoke, something you might not have been aware of? Other Chinese students said that when they tell White poeple it was an African American who said something racist to them, the white people don’t do anything, not in New York. They said to me that it seems like Black people are allowed to be racist and white people just ask the Chinese to be more tolerant.

The perpetuation of a limited view on these shootings is something we should wonder about, think over, consider more critically.  Something made to seem only about race, when it is more pervasively, and perhaps solely, about Power––this is cause for concern. We must examine the facts as they stand supported by the stats and conclude something other than what Power and Money wants us to conclude, a conclusion meant only to separate us, keep us divided instead of being united as We the People against Power and monied Elites organized by like interests in a State that serves only these interests organized in the State.

This is not to say that it cannot about race when it concerns African Americans; but if it is made to seem as if it were only about race, then it would be about weeding out bad racist cops rather than changing a system of Power and Power enforcement, which is what we would have to conclude if we entered White, Latino and Asian victims into the mix. If you go on to change systemic racism, as it has been called––then you will not address the system of Power and Money and the oligarchy of elites in an inverted totalitarianism, a totalitarianism that BLM, Black Activism and the mobilized protests are advertently and inadvertently supporting. There will be new hegemonies forged in a realignment of hegemony, but nothing too significant, just enough to placate the divided Masses in whichever way is necessary.

The Washington Post, though, is not making these assertions. The facts behind these assertions are embedded in its website databank and have not made front page news, which is what it would do if it were serving the People, instead Power. If it were a guardian of freedom and the needs of We the People, instead of serving Power and Money, helping to keep them in the shadows by serving the propaganda function all dissemination of half-truths and filtered truth help maintain. The Post knows that the People have been transformed into a State serving Public, that they have been kept semi-literate, barely functional at the bureaucratic level through prolonged systematic under-education.

The necessary correlations are not part of an editorial campaign designed to serve freedom, democracy or the People; but are embedded only for those trained, that is, educated enough to search, find and coordinate their effectiveness as a rebuttal for Power and Money and their insistence on one or another half-truth of American political and socio-economic contemporaneity. They are there, but only as part of the propaganda of freedom that is needed to maintain the control by Power and Monied elites.

Written by jvr

September 16, 2019 at 10:45 am

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