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Power is Power is Power Always Acting Powerfully

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Power is power in America as it is everywhere else in the world; the costumes change, with regime or with time or with place, which country? This country, that country, another country, the undiscovered country? New countries, old countries, exhausted countries. So then politics remains politics everywhere for all time and all peoples? I could continue to ask, but I do think that too much of what we fix on, focus to acutely onto are matter more superficial than paradigmatic. I am of the mind that there is something in the paradigms of power that are true for all time, and that race as it exists problematically in America is a symptom of Power, which is not what we are seeing or addressing.

If someone told you that more unarmed white people were shot and killed by the police last year you would not believe it, you would deny it, you would vehemently call it bullshit or some Trump-like propaganda, but you would be wrong. Also, note well, that unarmed means nothing in your hand, and if you want to know, more white people were killed by the police holding something that might not be construed as an imminently deadly weapon, things such as cell phones, toy weapons, rocks, flash lights, pipes among other things in hand. Fleeing the scene of apprehension by the police in one’s vehicle and subsequently being shot behind the wheel of that car does not constitute being unarmed.

The Washington Post provides free access to a website that provides a highly articulate filtered databank on Police shootings, and year in and year out, more unarmed white men are shot and killed by the police than unarmed black men are. Now this is not to say that everything Black Lives Matters says, purports, infers, defends, seeks has been turned irrelevant. That would be what Power would want you to conclude––almost exactly what Power wants and has achieved by keeping white people and black people separated from the facts––it keeps us apart, divided. But then, this also has something to do with the very print media the Washington Post is a part of, the perpetuation of a limited view of these shooting, something made to seem only about race, when it is more pervasive, and perhaps about Power. This is not to say that it is not about race when it concerns African Americans; but if it is made to seem as if it were only about race, then it would be about weeding out bad racist cops rather than changing a system of Power and Power enforcement, which is what we would have to conclude if we entered White, Latino and Asian victims into the mix.

The Washington Post, though, is not making these assertions. The facts behind these assertions are embedded in its website databank.


Written by jvr

September 16, 2019 at 10:45 am

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