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Pendulum Swing

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Notes on the Nature of Public Service


the Responsibility of the People

  1. A population that can read is not a population that is easily controlled.
    • By reading, I do not mean superficially skimming pages, nor do I mean the intentionally stunted ability fostered by both High School everywhere, public education in general, and most attempts at undergraduate educating in America.
  2. States only ever want control. This is not new; this has always been. The means at its disposal have changed.
  3. A population that reads and reads well, other than the organs of state propaganda, as in most of our media too much of the time, cannot be easily transformed into a state guided and supported public. Herein understand that a Public is not a nation’s People. Understand that I am not a Trump supporter.
  4. States are not interested in people, really; never have been.
  5. States form truth in a special tautology: the state is the state of the state for the state by the state to which the state stands will only ever withstand in itself the state.
  6. Propaganda is not all lies and lying––that would not be effective propaganda.
    • I will address issues of propaganda in democracy, in the United States, as I will also address the totalitarian structure of the United States––and I know how counter-intuitive to the Public mind of the United States these assertions remain––at a later time.
  7. Most states are the mortal enemy of all that is good in the individual human soul––I am not here to debate the existence or the nature of soul.
  8. No government management of the state is friendly to people. The state is not your friend or family––the redundancy is called for here.
  9. The people as an amalgamation of individuals is never in the state’s interest; the state sees best the management of the people in a manner best understood by cattle farmers.
    • Yes, cattle farmers do not abuse their cattle, even when they are leading them to slaughter.
  10. A public before the people is always in the interests of the state.
    • You are a numerical variable because you have always been one.
    • The management of numbers and how agents of the state imagine the numerals that are tossed about in discussions of state, managing the state . . . these may vary from age to age, from government body to government body, but numerical value you and I have always had, in fact, this is the only value you or I have ever had for any state.
    • People numerically differs from a Public arranged numerically into statistics and percentages.
  11. The public, again, is the people in service of the state, a people who disinvest their weight as the people for the more state-buoyant public.
  12. The People are the only institution that can counter balance the weight of the state.
  13. When that people become only a state serving public, their weight is added to the state against the people in counter leverage.
  14. These are the givens; they are not going to disappear, nor are states or governments, politicians, ever going to relent, not without pressure from the people.
  15. Master demagogues like Obama sell the idea that we should sacrifice, when bankers do not, that we should look to serve when those presumably elected to public service only serve the monied and power elites of our society and other societies before drawing some semblance of responsibility to the people.–he is selling us down river.
  16. States serve the public good, this is true, but never the good of the people.
  17. From the time of Kennedy, the Oval Office has been quite adamant in sustaining the idea that we should not ask what our country can do for us because it no longer intends to maintain its responsibilities to the People.
  18. We the People are free either to go to hell in a handcart or go fuck ourselves.
  19. We should only ask what we can do for our country because a state serving people as a public goes much further in servicing the needs of the few, the needs of the elite.
  20. Of course, we can only imagine a controlled population in other societies
  21. Part of the media manipulation of democracy is the Hollywood like expertise that the fiction of democracy is presented to the people who are by now full fledged members of the American State Public.
  22. Priests of the Temple and Centurions alike in crucifying Freedom and Democracy. Hyperbole herein calculated.
  23. I’m tired of sociologists and political scientists and other academic intellectuals drawing the lines of one determinism after another to explain not so much why we’re screwed, but that we are unavoidably screwed as if De Necessitas.
  24. I shudder to imagine a future day when every citizen in the Republic for which it stands (now only for the monied and power elite, either by design or in effect, supported by a media elite helping to control the people through every Orwellian means at their disposal)––yes, when these citizens should feel it necessary, on that future day, to have in their  homes the rifles and the machetes that will become necessary for the sole purpose of balancing democracy on the side of the People.
  25. Power does only understand power, and often power is exerted by force; and so long a usurpation of freedom and livelihood cannot be very much longer endured by a people who are held in contempt by the rich and the politicians who serve them.
  26. Trump has joined the charade of the Pendulum swinging, giving us the illusion that we are living democracy/
  27. Trump has helped maintain the illusion that we must support one or the other of the Parties because it is not true what we almost concluded last year in 2015, which was that there are no ideological differences between the two parties, that policy distinctions were minimal, that one served Wall Street, while the other, the Oil Gangsters.
  28. The manipulation of social, political and economic images and received ideas through a media managed by too few Elites from among Power and Money  only results in more pervasive control of our society by the few. What more do you or I need to know than we have been duped once again by master manipulation by Power and Money.
  29. It is true that only 6 corporations run a bit more than 90% of all media in America and beyond; and that’s print, broadcast, social and cinematic media.
    • If that’s not the elite controlling information, then what is?
    • And you are In Formation, as all Public minded, Public thinking, Public opinionated Publicans are.
  30. Totalitarian Bourgeois Capitalist America.

Written by jvr

September 20, 2019 at 11:20 am

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