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The Speculations of an American Jacobin [short fiction]

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Billionaires giving half their net worth away to charity because they have already made so much being robber barons that what they are left with will make up their gift in a year or two’s time . . . purposefully shortened? Okay, maybe three or four years, but then, we are talking about the kind of money that no single person needs? 

I’m not impressed by Jeff Bezos wife’s pledge––she’s probably already put the money aside to make the money she’s going to donate. Yes? No? Perhaps? What then?

Has she already given her pledge of 1/2 her net worth away in total, or has it, as I have asserted above in speculation, been set aside to make that amount in very high yield investment over a relatively short time? 

More likely the latter? A whole foundation for such––yes, good, but . . .

Written by jvr

September 25, 2019 at 10:39 am

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