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Propaganda and the IN-formation Age

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Effective propaganda creates what has been called “pseudo-needs” in its prefatory stages, reinforced throughout its use . . . much the way advertising sells a set of values, those values the rationale for whatever the newest need might be, creating a necessity for the unnecessary.

Both Democrat and Republican cannot live without them any more than a heroin addict can live without his heroin. Liberal, Conservative and every other politico is hooked . . . and Propaganda in all or any of its forms remains the greatest threat to democratic societies, in fact it is the single dominant force in the decrease or the absenting of democratic processes in America.

If you want to know why we have the political campaigns we have . . . Obama, no less than Regan, equally as often as Trump, as Bush I or II, as Bill Clinton . . . demagogue is part of the President’s job description; propaganda the first and last implement used in any mechanics of American politics. The American Democratic State (whatever the ratio of actuality or potentiality of democracy) in its use of Propaganda has more in common with the Nazis State and the Soviet State than it does to itself and any of its former pre-Propaganda incarnations of the past, certainly closer to Soviet and Nazis state use of propaganda than to what existed in Whitman’s America, Lincoln’s political arenas, Madison and Jefferson’s cause . . . you cannot imagine that propaganda as we know it, can analyze it, existed before the contemporary states of the 20th century and all that media for those states and in those societies allowed.

And it was not the totalitarian restructuring of Bolshevik Russia or Nazis Germany that initiated the use of propaganda, but the western democracies. Yes, the Bolsheviks learned from us, and the Nazis from them, and then we in turn again from the Nazis and the Soviets. Around and around we go, a merry-go-round of propaganda in place of politics, of propaganda in place of the fullness of Truth––it is only since propaganda has become the norm of media life and dissemination, all information being about in-formation––we have been convincing ourselves that the idea of free-will in the mind is foolish, stupid, childish or a form of mental illness; it is under the onslaught of propaganda that we have come to believe that knowledge is impossible, that Truth as a compass heading was a fault not to be relied on, that doubt was the highest wisdom everywhere for everything every time.

Determinism, determinism, determinism has been the mantra of every college undergraduate for decades, a response not to a metaphysical veracity, but to the effects of propaganda that they themselves have helped reinforce. Propaganda functions on eliminating free-will as even an idea, let alone a metaphysical veracity.

Written by jvr

October 18, 2019 at 1:33 pm

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