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ABYSS (another diatribe from Thomas Sarebbenonnato)

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Christ said the meek shall inherit the earth, not the weak.  We confuse the powerless coward for the saint of peace. They are not the same.  Neither the meek (and the weak), nor the man who wears the cloak of non-violence to cover his impotence are the man who walks the path of non-violence because he knows it in his heart, embraces it in his soul. Synonyms are great deceivers.  

Intention is not everything in the manner of action either.  No matter how much justification we have for revising our point of view about historical epochs, the Dark Ages were dimmer than others, and yet people managed to live lives, have some parcel of happiness, remained human so long as they chose to act humanely, opting a higher election for their human selves. Again, by nature we are a species of animal; yet humanity is a divinity, moreover that must be chosen. It is a path that must be followed, a narrow one just the same.

But then this life that goes on in face of oppression was also true of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, is true of Arabs in Gaza, Tibetans occupied by China, as it was for Russians and Jews in the Soviet Union, African-Americans in the Jim Crow South, the Jews seeking refuge in an isolated fledging prematurely born Israel surrounded by 50 million Arabs that swore to drive her into the sea, promised to lose 10 million Arabs to wipe out the Jews . . . even peoples occupied by the Nazis managed to live lives, to shout into the void, to listen for the echo.

The Great Human Humane laughs in the face of the yawning abyss, and every one of us is on the precipice of this void, gaping as it has over time, over the millennia. This of course means we suffer, yes, the Buddhist is right when he says life is suffering, but when the veil of Maya is pulled back we often times find our deepest meaning in laughter, in fleeting joys, in our happiness now. We remain human in spite of the suffering. 

Yet today the posture of suffering moves parallel with believing that package is more important than product, that in a world where advertising rules ethics and propaganda has replaced Truth and any solid epistemology . . . what is it that we expected to have happened through generations of systematic under education collateral with an enforced semi-literacy as literate enough? We are no longer literate enough to understand that literacy of a much, much higher election is demanded by democracy, if it is to be effective and not the pretty wrapping and bow we put around a pile of shit. 

Written by jvr

November 11, 2019 at 9:49 am

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