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BARNUM’S BIG TENT [fictional truth; an essay]

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From a recent past . . . among the papers of Thomas Sarebbenonnato on his desk, collected:

[. . .] the President’s wife spent 10 million dollars of whose money on 42 days of vacation last year, someone told me, I forget whom, where, what was I doing?  I was sitting in a cafe having a coffee and croissant, watching people pass to and fro, reading a newspaper, something I had not been doing for a very long time, that is, regularly, daily––how could I in a nation where only six corporations run more than 90% of all media––these United States disgust my political senses––I am revolted . . . quite revolutionary?

Yet . . . tell me now––what is it that I do ask herein? I want to know how and why she did as she did––that is, how was she able? More importantly, though, is the question: When will we ever get fed up?

However, as fat as we are––and gluttony is more ravenous in America––of course, we are gluttons for stupidity, for idiocy, for foolishness, as much as we are for being obese. Yes, we are gluttons as much as each one of us is hungry to remain the sucker Barnum knew was born every minute. But Barnum’s watch was nowhere near as sophisticated as are ours . . . we have, in sub-dividing our foolery, increased the profits of our idiocy.

Pause. Breathe. Think. Not likely.

Would Laura Bush get the pass Michelle Obama does? I am asking. There is rhetoric in every choice of diction, in the syntax used; however, the question here is not rhetorical, so answer it.

It has been known for a very long time, that most print and broadcast media moguls are Democrats–what else are they mostly, if not members of the power and monied elites, brokers in influence, helpmates in maintaining charismatic authority? I am not as certain of this last assertion, not yet. I need to think it through.

This Democratic membership is not a matter of liberal versus conservative, though, but how far to the right one tends to allow himself to go . . . what policies will get supported toward what end which will only ever be about serving Power or Money, which one or ones from among the elite.

I do wonder if race does not play an inordinate role in how news gets disseminated, a primary motivation behind our choices to say or not to say in our critiques. I know that in my work, the fact that I am a man, a white man, a Catholic, and Italian-American are all, or individually, prime focuses in all responses to me and about me from the women I work with, for or around. I am initially treated with suspicion or derision or confusion or misunderstanding.

I see and feel that I am scrutinized by my bosses, who are women, in ways I would not be if I were another women, or a person of color; and that is something I understand clearly in all actions toward me, in the self betrayals when their diction about Italians or Catholics or Blue collar are not self policed because they forget, not seeing me as they would if I were a person of color; so do not go and tell me I cannot understand when a Black man says he is either under the Gaze in a way others are not, or that he is invisible in the minds of others when out of sight, or just in the oblique. That is because I understand that in ways my bosses will never. My current boss has on several occasions already taken the opportunity to chastise me in emails that she has intentionally or unconsciously on purpose sent to every one of my colleagues, which is in effect harassment, yet she has no clue that that is what it is. She operates as if she can with impunity do as she has done to me, something she has not done to anyone else, and that becomes part of the pattern of contempt.

I also know that if I were a woman making these claims inversely, accordingly, they would be treated seriously. They would be accepted without question, without reservation, by most who claim they are members of the liberal establishment; the only problem is that most of the liberal establishment is really either conservative or reactionary, the latter exactly in the way left-wing reactionaries like to parade as radicals.

In fact, if I were a woman, or gay or a person of color, I wouldn’t need nearly the evidece or the incidence for my bosses and their bosses to take the claims, I make, seriously.

They would be acted on with impunity; however, inversely, for me, they are ignored. And right here I can hear the echo’s of “Bullshit!” as much as I can feel the contempt and the condescension; yet mostly from those too ignorant to know how semi-literate, a-historical and manipulated we have become, en-masse . . . ah, the ping pong Americans love to play with slogans and received ideas.

When will the chickens come home to roost? I have asked.

My one warning is something a friend of mine had said . . .

You really don’t want to keep alienating men like me, men who could support many of the Left’s causes better and more articulately than too many of multiculti’s semi-literates,  because if you do, pushing us to where we feel our backs up against a wall facing your revilement and contempt because you have bought into the marketed politics that White people are a monolith of shared privilege and gain, you will find that out of self preservation to avoid your contempt and retribution, we will join the lunatics with the rifles, and then you will have no one to face the ugliness of the Right because you will be too full of shit and insipid to do anything you know I would be willing to do. And they will not remain on a fence––again, they will join the lunatics with the rifles. Only out of self-preservation.

The last thing you want is for White People to become a monolith with one cause and one interest.

Written by jvr

November 18, 2019 at 10:20 am

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