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Chickens Do Come Home to Roost, a short story

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Claire’s  friend Alice tells her a story of her friend Lana who was told a story by her friend George about his friend Jack’s girlfriend’s bother’s wife’s coworker’s husband’s partner’s sister’s friend’s father’s great aunt through marriage who had said:

“My friend’s friend’s girlfriend’s supervisor at her place of employ was more concerned about the possibility of micro aggression than the fact a colleague had returned to work directly from the airport, opening his suitcase in the office, no more than eight feet by five feet, with three desks a file cabinet and a small refrigerator,” Claire’s friend Alice said  her friend Lana said her friend George said his friend Jack said his girlfriend said her bother said his wife said her coworker said her husband said his partner said his sister said her friend’s father said his great aunt through marriage said.

“My friend said his friend had said that his girlfriend had asked from where the colleague was returning . . . to no avail; and to which she then asked again, of course, conversationally, once more, to no avail––no response, no acknowledgement. She then asked supervisory staff twice, with no confirmation of fact, or so my friend said his friend had told him. All this was within the constraint of conversation––so where did you go?


“When my friend’s friend’s girlfriend emailed her supervisor about being concerned from where the coworker was returning from, using the most generic language, not mentioning who or what . . . avoiding references of race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation . . . but still, with as generic and of general concern under a State of Emergency the email was made––and not knowing from where was irresponsible––the supervisor could not help but infer that my friend’s friend’s girlfriend had to be mindful not to be racist.  Of course, this is true––but from the word in the office, the supervisor was evidently more concerned for that possibility, than for the consequences of an employee returning from the airport directly to work, an employee that did not acknowledge nor repsond to nor provide any confirmation of fact about where he travelled to and from. Anyone who thinks my friend’s concerns are irrational are grossly incompetent at managing care, security and precaution at such a time. No? Yes?

“My friend wondered out loud to his friend if he thought that his girlfriend was put under this scrutiny because she was Italian-American from Brooklyn, to which my friend’s friend said to my friend that he had imagined such because he has noted such prejudice from supervisors before, concerning himself, whether it is being mocked for how he allegedly speaks, as one coworker and supervisor have mocked or intimated for over a year and half, some way they learned from Hollywood Italian Amerticxans must all speak, especially from Brooklyn, but a way my friend’s friend does not speak, yet to no avail in the minds of his coworkers who can only hear what they imagine they hear; also, when a laptop allegedly went missing from the computer lab, it was friend’s friend who either took it or allowed it to go missing . . . as he tells it, in the way he had been informed by a coworker who works in the office with the Director of the Program.

“Conclusions are dams built across rivers.

“What more do you want me to say, other than most American Liberals today are inorganically Politically Correct, not even politically correct, but bureaucratically correct when it comes to matters they imagine are about political correctness.

“A supervisor at my friend’s friend’s employ waited and wondered for three days as a Chinese employee coughed in the office before she could figure out what to do about this Chinese employee who was not staying home when he was obviously sick on March 10th, 11th and 12th, in the borough of Manhattan, the neighborhood of Chinatown . . . wondering perhaps how to avoid being seen as micro aggressive she must have been imagining . . . it wasn’t until another Chinese colleague said that the coughing employee had to go home was any directive seized about the employee going home. I guess no one could imagine anyone else thinking Ms. Lin was micro aggressive about saying another Chinese worker should go home because he is coughing––but the supervisor still deferred to a higher supervisor before she took the initiative to affirm the call to send the employee home.

“The contemporary dogma that doubt is the highest wisdom is going to kill a lot more people than would otherwise be necessarily so if we weren’t so equivocal,” or so everyone in the line of telling said or had said, as I have delineated above at the close of the first paragraph.

You do know how to follow quotation marks and what they signal in their presence and their absence, where, who, how, don’t you?



Written by jvr

March 13, 2020 at 12:36 pm

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