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A Blog of Questions; or, the Official Line on Covid-19, SARS 2?

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by Thomas Sarrebbononnato


Was it 5 million people who left Wuhan, Hubei, China before the government lockdown?

Is it 4,000, the estimate of the number of people who left China from among those who left Hubei province?

Is it safe to believe unequivocally what the Totalitarian Chinese government says about how the virus is progressing in China?

Are there not Chinese Journalists who have disappeared?

Were there not doctors who were silenced?

Is there not evidence that human to human transmission of the disease was prevalent as far back as October?

Is it not true that the Chinese National Government delayed in providing the world with the genome for this virus? A delay of weeks or months?

Are we going to call Trump a fascist out of one side of our mouths, but out of the other side of our mouths praise the efforts of the Totalitarian Communist Chinese State for its super human efforts?

Does anyone think the Chinese Government is being less than honest about the numbers affected, the numbers who died, the numbers that are allegedly going down?

Does our experience with Totalitarian States not teach us anything about how they manage the Truth? Or are we as American Liberals only able to think Trump has no desire to speak the truth?

Has anyone examined the Soviet Unions handling of Chernobyl and what the official line was about it? Do you imagine that the Chinese Communist government is anything other than similar or the same in their responses and their handling? Do we really imagine that the Totalitarian Chinese Communist State is more efficient and competent than the Soviets, or more willing to be forth coming and honest?

From what I see as far as peoples choices of sitting on the train, how one man for an isolated example, although indicative: he could have sat in a place that would have put him 3 to 6 feet from me and others, but chose to sit less than  two feet from me.  I moved, still knowing that social distancing might not be able to be maintained, but when it was, for this man, he just just did what he did, and this was only a few days ago.

Why are we not universally mindful? I know that this is a fool’s errand to expect. But why are we not more mindful . . . especially about getting into people’s faces––far too often people have come to close, or not allowed back to back passing in a -place like the supermarket . . . ??????

I have been watching people in New York not wash their hands after leaving a bathroom stall for decades . . . let me stop.

Awareness is low; caution is even less; precautions virtually non existent. If you are vigilant, coworkers will mock you as I have experienced at my place of work from coworkers; and have been informed by other coworkers that supervisors have engaged openly in the office about my concerns.


Written by jvr

March 15, 2020 at 11:48 am

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