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Taxation without Representation; Government of the BEZOSES, by the BEZOSES, for the BEZOSES shall not perish from our daily life [A Maratist Flash Fiction]

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The facts herein are true . . .

Amazon paid no taxes on 11.2 billion dollars in profit last year. No, I don’t want to pay more than 30% of my earnings when Amazoon pays nothing. If any of you are waiting for the Democrats to save us, you are all going to drown. I have been saying that they are the flip-side of the same coin as the Republicans for decades––we live in a Totalitarian Capitalist society, and the mandates of the State enforce the control by Power and Monied elites. The Democrats are useless; the Republicans are vile. Warren, Biden, Sanders are insipid, bloodless, effete, useless . . . Trump is the useful idiot that POWER and MONEY have used to convince everyone that the prior status quo is preferable (of course) but something we should want, hold on to, accept . . . the horror, the horror!


COVID 19 update: Where is Bezos with the $$$? Where is BEZOS saying that he will fund production of masks, of respirators, acquiring them?


L’Ami du Peuple

Written by jvr

March 16, 2020 at 11:08 am

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