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Letting it Get Worse to Make the World Dependent?” a Friend asks a Friend of Thomas Sarebbononato, Rhetorically [Flash Fiction]

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[Flash Fiction]

Thomas Sarebbononato has written an email to a friend.

“China’s superhuman efforts, as some in the West like to say, were necessitated by Communist Party bungling in the first place, a bungling of the Wuhan emergency from the beginning. Did they already know that their Totalitarian System could rebound . . . from the beginning a campaign of misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, denial, a complete lack of transparency on the part of the Communist Party; a suppression of journalists and doctors, forcing doctors to submit to the Communist Party line; disappearing journalists, and now expelling western journalists. China is not a model of anything for the future. The evidence is exactly what it is––without China’s complete bungling of this from the beginning, the world would not be facing what it is. Did China learn from SARS 1 how to contain it, while leaving others to leave the country to spread it worldwide? I do not put anything past the Communist Leadership of China.

“China has aggressively pursued deflection and blame, spreading even more disinformation, but what else is the Communist Party of China going to pursue.

“And now, with a world pandemic spreading, and a United States dependent on Chinese cheap-labor manufacturing  pharmaceuticals and respirators and medical masks . . . all those used in patients with respiratory diseases of many kinds . . . China stands to make billions from a world desperate for these supplies.

“China has already known they are the world’s principal suppliers.

“Irony or logic?  Do you need to ask what I think.”

Thomas closed his email without any personal effects in salutation or signing off.

You would like Thomas to say something else, but what else is there to say in face of the dogmas of correct positive thinking which remain as insipid . . .  Thomas would say if he were privy to our critique of his email, which remains a political question for him because he trusts China as much as we supposed to trust the Soviet Union, even less than he trusts Putin’s Russia. “China is our enemy,” Thomas has said.  “There is nothing that China does that the United States should trust,” he has said; and, although I would not go as far unilaterally as Thomas, I might think along these lines. I do not trust the Federal government of the United States and its agents of authority and administrative power implicitly––why should I trust China any further or more than I trust Russia?

Written by jvr

March 22, 2020 at 12:54 pm

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