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“De Blasio is Almost Criminally Stupid,” Thomas Said She Had Said [Flash Fiction]

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Thomas tells of how his friend Claire told him of something she read:

All data on previous pandemics have shown how social distancing and school closures have been understood to be the greatest measure against the spread of disease and the foremost means of control. De Blasio’s delay in closing our schools is what made NewYork City an epicenter, a hot spot . . . as dumb as Trump. Children do not necessarily have the same symptoms or severity.

De Blasio is an idiot, Thomas said Claire had said, just the other day, in fact, he said, for the umpteenth time squared.

Claire ws angry. Claire was bitter. Claire was livid. Claire was wanting Bill DeBlasio to suffer in some way that she insists he has made New York City suffer, and she does blame DeBlasio’s vacillation, his equivocation, his overly determined need to appear politically correct rather than emergency necessary––you can’t imagine he is nit as dumb as the President she said. She has begun re-reading Jean Paul Marat, quoting him as frequently as she has deemed necessary. You cannot imagine that there were not politicians in America choosing dollars instead of human lives. As totalitarian as our Capitalist system is, as pervasive as greed is, as corrupt as Washington is, both Democrats and Republicans alike, she said.

Written by jvr

March 31, 2020 at 10:53 am

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