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Another Note on American Totalitarian Capitalism [fiction]

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He came across some pages that had been torn from a spiral notebook that was kept by Thomas Sarebbonato, or so he knew, as he said, from Thomas’s full name at the top of every page, at least the pages he had in hand, Andrei did, as he had told his friend Max, who then told me, so I could then tell you, something about this one and singular man––Thomas––himself dutifully keeping pages and pages in one notebook or another, sometimes several at a time, what we call journal entries, at other times, keeping what we call entries in a sketchbook, that is, something either for drawing sketches or for writing poetical sketches or fictional sketches . . . sketches of poems or short fiction, sometimes flash fiction, as one might keep in a blog, whatever that means, could mean, might have meant . . . page after page, Thomas would keep . . . or so I have been told by many, and in them sometimes, one or another character or persona arises, takes hold, too, by force or insinuation . . . who has not insinuated himself to his Self, the selves that are this Self––the masks we wear, how to say just what it was Thomas meant to say in the pages he kept and the pages he tore out, who knows? Who could? Who would want to? Who might succeed? He did wear many masks, Thomas did, didn’t he?

Here then are they, these.those, them––what are they, these pages: Francis has come to hear many, many voices of outrage and protest . . . too many of them short sighted, too narrow in scope of appraisal or focus of critique . . . yes, all in this here America dominated by Capitalist Classes, New Robber Barons, other members of the Power and Monied Elites fostering or delivering up policies and protocols only in the end meant to serve Power and Money in ever greater amoun ts kept or reserved for ever fewer and fewer persons . . .yes, as he has said in these and other words, here and in other forums, places, blogs, magazines, notebooks, journals, emails, letters, essays in college seminars “Herein please find some words from one or another angry member of the People––We the People––thus sometimes, perhaps, presented as a consensus report of opinions from a man or a woman not so unlike any other man or any other woman from anywhere who finds himself or herself moved by the compassion and yes love for those who are truly trodden on by Silicon Valley, Oil Gangsters, Wall Street and Hollywood Gangsters, Capitol Hill Gangasters in support of the Donor Classes, an ever increasing move to the right by everything political and social in America––who is this John or Jane Doe, you might ask, I have asked,” I do know Francis has . . . asked, that is, if anyone were anything like I am, myself being as I have said before, not so unlike any other man or woman from anywhere––I, as does Francis, believe in a universal human nature . . . “and such an understanding of this person-persona, a political or politicized persona, presented here for your discernment, my own discernment, anyone’;s discernment, yes, of course, this e who have the ability to read at a level higher than those standardized exams meant to show how in line with Status Quo corporate lobbied education we are . . . and yes, that includes those who are members of groups who used to be on the perimeter––too many go along to get along none way or in another way,eant to keep divided just those elements of the society whose unity would result in greater freedom for all  . . .” yes, Francis has said, there is “nothing more anti-labor, anti-union, anti-worker, anti-fair wage, anti-New Deal/safety-net than our political Status Quo . . . more elitist than it has ever been . . . nothing nearing a Square Deal, or a New Deal or a Great Society . . . just as a friend of mine said, I remember,” Francis said, “yes, he said, this friend did, ‘ Trump is the narrow-minded mentally enfeebled pig in support of tearing everything down the Great Society ever thought it might stand for, another cruel joke in ironic twist after twist . . . one Machiavellian ploy after another pandered as important issues remain filtered through the media so just enough trickles through for mass consumption . . . designed always to keep us from ever getting what we think we are working toward achieving . . . never talking class, for instance, thus never tracing the paradigms of Power that Racism is a symptom of . . .’ ” Francis said  his friend had said, ” ‘and a friend of mine once asked, has anyone ever seen a pig flayed in a slaughter house?’ The Pigs in Animal Farm no different than the conservative and liberal pigs in Washington.”

And now Francis says again, “Another friend of mine has said that a friend of hers has said she had heard her cousin say that her best friends brother’s girlfriend had said ‘Mitch McConnell’s support of Conservative greed and hate and repugnant politicking with people’s lives is right in line with those who believe that an unbridled Capitalist consolidation of wealth and its extension into the realms of real Power is equivalent with Democracy, or as a cousin of mine said, I think I recall, if it ever came to pass that a time would come that Capitalists were to be hanged, they would all compete with one another for the rope contract  . . .’ ” 

And he continued, “Another friend said he had heard a friend of his at work say,  “Do you imagine that with decades of systematic under education and with semi-literacy parading as literate enough, and with corporations lobbying Congress for education reforms favorable to their corporate greed and the demands of minimizing costs to maximize profits . . . all toward the further exploitation of the People, particularly workers, particularly designed to fix the imagination of the People onto normalizing the level and degree of greed for evermore Capital by anyone with Power, and a lust for Power by anyone Monied . . .  and never to anything resembling real democracy . . . do you imagine that we are really literate enough . . . that we have the capabilities to manage democracy under a rubric of universal literacy? Or as I read on line, just the other day, ‘ We applaud Mark Zuckerberg’s 1 million dollar donation without imagining that is actually only 1/65000th of his net wealth, which is exactly the equivalent of a man who has 65000 dollars in the bank donating 1 dollar.’  Yes, and Jeff Bezos, after donating virtually nothing while he was making nearly 23 billion dollars from January to the end of April . . . ” Francis said, and continued, “We applaud him his faint statement that we should tax billionaires, as if he believed anyone would ever get that through a Republican Senate . . . and how much does he spend on lobbyists too make sure that never happens.  But he has always been notoriously cheap when has come to donations to anything, even what he suppoerts,which would really be putting his money where his mouth is when he speaks of taxes he fights against by logging congress and having the Presidents ear,’ he said, Francis said, I said.

Francis continued, “We are just literate enough for corporate controlled broadcast and print media to filter news and issues favorable to the further exploitation of We the People by Power and Monied Elites, whether that be the Clintonesque Donor-Class-supported Neo-Liberal Globalizers or the repugnant Neo-Conservative Reactionaries in Washington and elsewhere who have hijacked the First Amendment . . . allowing American Liberals to dangerously attack First Amendment Freedoms because they believe they are opposing Trump by doing so,” Francis said, I remembered having said I had heard him say on the phone the other day.

“It’s neither a conservative nor liberal view to say and be alarmed by the fact that six corporations do run more than 90% of broadcast, print and social media, including Hollywood studios . . . and we are just dumb enough to imagine that we are free and our media does not serve a propaganda function by keeping Power and Money in one or another shadow. We are as dumb as loyal Soviets who imagined Totalitarianism was a necessary element in their much, much better lives . . .,” Francis  concluded.

He went on to say that if News were “all Fake, as the imbecile pig in the slop of Washington says over and over, then it could not be propaganda. He is just a useful enough idiot to have everyone who mistrusted corporate controlled broadcast and print and social media outlets aligned with Hollywood Studios to think the Statius Quo before Trump was okay.  As if the cesspool that is Hollywood [and Weinberg is only the tip of the iceberg, a false scapegoat not to take away the sins, but to deflect on how systemic his grotesque carnage really has been] . . . no, Hollywood has never really spoken for We the People, except in the ways Power always allows subversion a space to emerge partially in order to control it, turn it into a commodity it can market and pander as servicing progressive advance.”

Francis paused. Francis thought he might not agree with his thoughts. Francis paused again.Francis imagined himself 

Francis went on to say that yet another friend of his said that the Pandemic will prove    “as I believe that it will, undeniably, ‘that Money and Power will come to the aid of the world out of fear for their own lives, which has only proven that the Jacobin or the Bolsheviks might not have been so wrong about Bourgeois Capitalism,’ Francis said his friend had said, as I have said he has said everything I have said he has said.

Written by jvr

May 3, 2020 at 2:28 pm

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