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COVID 19 Bites US in the Ass Yet Again

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The loss of pour compass heading for the Truth has been an endemic condition for decades in this country, ever growing and increasing. This was happening long before Trump.

Most out of the mouth of even Democratic officials in the government concerning the poor is always framed i terms of race, using race as a method of dividing the populous so the effects of poverty never get addressed and the troubles of race and racism always persist.

“The coronavirus is also laying bare health-care disparities that have long simmered in the U.S., predominantly those involving race. Blacks, in particular, are seeing unequal impacts from COVID-19. Not all state and local governments are reporting racial data linked to COVID-19 cases and related deaths. But the Washington Post did an analysis of areas where data is available, finding that counties that are majority black, or African American, have three times the rate of infections and nearly six times the death rate for COVID-19 cases than counties that are majority whites. Even in areas with majority whites, blacks often make up a disproportionate number of deaths from COVID-19. For instance, The Post reported, blacks account for just 26% of the population in Wisconsin’s largest city, Milwaukee County, but account for 70% of those who have died from COVID-19 in the country. A similar scenario plays out in Louisiana, the Post found, where blacks make up 32% of the population but 70% of the COVID-19-related deaths in the state”

  1. Has the African American Experience historically with government, with health care, with mandates and laws concerning mobility, congregational behavior, segregation, where and when one can go as one pleases . . . made them, perhaps in general, open and receptive about contemporary lockdown orders? Has it made them more likely to become immediately compliant about social distancing protocols? Has it formed a more conciliatory response about compliance with mandates from government, and toward enforcement?
  2. How  many “inner city” African Americans are thus more or less likely to follow mandates set by a government they have long learned to mistrust, as well as to lose faith in,  extending further back than any Trump supporter’s lack of faith . . . whichever however moreover, are African Americans more or less likely to respond immediately and without question to government mandates that curtail their social mobility whether compliance is tied to saving lives or not?
  3. The social history of African-Americans in the US might make them less likely to follow government mandates or listen to government directed protocols; thus, the history of racism breaks down the communication of life-saving information? 
  4. But I do want to know how many of the African American Bourgeoisie have been affected?
  5. I do want to know the number of African Americans affected who are living in or near to next to poverty?
  6. I would also like to know the stats about White people in poverty, Asians in poverty and Hispanics/Latinos in poverty . . . because it is the density of poverty, the poverty of certain kinds of density that is correlative, no?
  7. In poor black neighborhoods among  people in poverty or of the working poor . . . the low paid, sick-leave-less low paid workers . . . COVID and COVID deaths are high––are there comparable urban housing scenarios where the poor are Asians or Latinos or White . . . and what is the rate and death rate of COVID 19?????
  8. I thought the death rate for Latinos in NYC was even higher than for African Americans, yes?
  9. What are the average number of children in Latino homes in Public Housing compared with African Americans in Public Housing?
  10. What are the average numbers in their households?
  11. Who is more likely to have elderly parents and grandparents living in the same square feet of apartment space, Latinos or Blacks?
  12. Finally, how much is the rate of infection and death from COVID 19 correlative with immediate and/or complete compliance with mandates and protocols from the State––and how much are those responses to State protocols and mandates correlative with economics, thus class, and/or level of education, meaning how much are the rates of infections different among even poor whites who might be more inclined to respond affirmatively to State controls on behavior and mobility?
  13. Is there a distrust of media and the State among African Americans nearly as strong as there is among “White” Trump supporters; one believes the media is all fake and the other insists the media has for too long been hopelessly skewered and thus false in its support of a White establishment.
  14. Are we still prepared to flip the coin of political spin, of marketing, of politicking for one group or another?
  15. Truth has no gender, no race, no ethnicity, no class . . . and if you imagine that it does, confusing the reporting and press conferences and political platforms for the Truth rather than the sophistry that it is, then you are one who confuses Historiography for History.






Written by jvr

May 17, 2020 at 2:06 pm

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