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COVID 19 and African American Responses to State Mandates

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In a March 13th article by Loanne O’Neal, concerning the effects of COVID 19 on African Americans and the threat it poses, in THE UNDEFEATED, the author notes, while quoting Dr. George C. Benjamin, the African American executive director of the American Public Health Association, that . . .

[f]or a whole host of economic, political and historical reasons, Georges C. Benjamin [. . .] says it’s a threat that African Americans need to take particularly seriously.

Of course presuming that it might not be likely that they will.

She goes on to quote Dr. Benjamin,

“ ‘We get a lot of misinformation circulating through our communities,’ ” Benjamin said. “ ‘We fundamentally don’t trust some of the [non-black] institutions because they do not serve us well. We need to make sure our trusted institutions, clinicians of color, churches, community organizations, are better educated.’ ”

And as I have noted before, earlier in this Pandemic, the African American experience in the United States, historically, has left African Americans, in general, distrustful of the establishment media sources of information, distrustful of politics, politicians and politicking in America, locally, Statewide and Nationwide . . .

Yes, their experience and the learned behavior from that has left them less likely to follow State mandates and protocols on social behavior, less likely to agree complicity with Statewide orders, mandates, protocols on mask-wearing or staying in place; yes, of course, African Americans are just as likely to agree with order against not engaging in congregate behavior, thus orders that make social distancing pervasive in the African American community.

We have been calling what we are doing “lockdown.” Now either this was impossible dumb and short-sighted, or it was an unconscious effort at insuring that African Americans were less likely to follow mandates from the state . . .

Yet, instead of articulating the social dynamic as it is, we talk in received ideas, stick to a trite narrative, engage in politicking platitudes that are neither organic nor an articulation of the fullness of the Truth. There is far too little general compliance in African neighborhoods where a good portion of the persons are poor or working poor or actually qualify under the government’s grossly absurd poverty criteria. Although, I do want to see how this virus has affected the Black Bourgeoisie; I would like to see how this virus has affected people in poverty who are not African American. Who are the ones affected in Boston? What are the stats from South Boston and the Southie Projects which are virtually all white?

Wearing a mask in public dos not hide that an African American is black . . . and African Americans who fear Power enforcement are certainly going to be more inclined to wear a mask in public. Yes, of course they are going to be immediately compliant with social distancing orders and affirmatively receptive to any enforcement efforts.

But lest anyone forget, American neo-liberals are not liberals, but conservatives; the neo-cons are reactionary lunatics; neither one serves anything else but Power and Money, especially the useful idiots from either side who could not imagine that that is exactly what they are doing. The neo-liberal globalizers since Clinton I have been dividing America’s poor and poverty class along the lines of race before Trump . . . the imbecile in the Oval Office has only thrown kerosene on the fire.

Neither the Mayor of NYC, the Governor of NYS nor any of the members of NYC media have addressed openly what Dr. Benjamin had the foresight to announce. At notice have any of the former mentioned members of the establishment addressed the issue Dr. Benjamin mentioned.

Written by jvr

May 23, 2020 at 10:29 am

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