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Rioting is Rioting; Looting is Looting; Truth is in Tautology?

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New York City Council members have written a letter highlighting the presence of privileged White people among the protesters, perhaps insinuating that White people from outside their communities are primarily or singularly responsible for the violence, the vandalism and the looiing?

With reference to the looting, I did not see out-of-town privileged white people in the videos of looting I watched in the media videos shown from here in New York City. What I saw in three video clips just today, were singularly of one group breaking the windows and the doors of retail stores, some of them high end, high money stores, rushing in and then rushing out with merchandise . . .

I did not see privileged white people engaging in the looting I have witnessed in media clips over the last three days. I am not here to say that that has not happened anywhere. What I am upset about is now the push seems yet again to make White people responsible for the main share of causing the violence and vandalism, thus robbing once again the responsibility that individuals and groups of any category have in the choices they make..

To rob anyone or any group of responsibility for their actions and for their participation in the actions of others, or for responding with violence to some one else’s incitement, is to attack their freedom, to undermine the credibility a group has for announcing that laws and Power must respect their rights, rights that the law does not give and can only respect, and rights the looters cannot forfeit for anyone. Rights precede law; laws only play catch up and encode respect and support for rights.

Others in journalism have tried to insinuate that police were in abuse of power when they moved their vehicle, ten feet forward while that vehicle was being bombarded by bottles, garbage and other objects, whose engine hood, roof and windshield were being jumped upon by those who were among others who had surrounded the vehicle . . .

I guess that it is true, that the people must be free to go to hell in a hand cart in order to be considered free? We will weigh in; we will express our will, only I am not so sure that our will is not part of an effective use of Machiavellian tactics meant only to divide the poor, which it has been successful at doing; the Clintons, the Bushes, Obama and Trump all playing a part toward one end . . .

Written by jvr

May 31, 2020 at 11:39 am

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