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We Build Our Own Walls Around Ourselves and Our Communities and Our Actions––We do not Need Trump to Build Another One

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A report from Monday June 22 2020 about gun violence in Chicago over the Father’s Day weekend when 14 persons were killed including 5 children.

QUOTE from article posted on my Facebook page: “Among the victims was 3-year-old Mekhi James, who police said was fatally shot Saturday as the boy was in a car with his father in the south Austin neighborhood.

Police said the child’s 27-year-old father was the intended target when someone fired shots at the vehicle, but he is not cooperating with detectives. Community leaders are offering a $10,000 reward for any information in the boy’s killing.”

So the man’s 3 year old child is killed by persons trying to kill him and he will not cooperate with detectives . . . I guess so he can go and kill them himself and perhaps their children or nieces or young cousins?

Please do not look for rationalizations rooted in one or another endemic determinism you choose to be affected by exponentially beyond any effect they could have apart from the choice a person makes to be affected. Let’s stop robbing people of their responsibility––that is as racist as any critically theoretical determinism offered as rationalization, justification, excuse.

It is also additionally classist when offered by both neo-liberal White Protestant Bourgeois that virtue signal by pretending to be Woke, as well as when offered by any one or another liberal black bourgeois, or pseudo bourgeois black graduate who has radicalized his activism and so must preach the gospel of deep endemic despair and singular hopelessness for any individual black because if blacks in the inner-city do not suffer despair, he is out of a job.

Pleaser do not respond with the insipid American conclusion that because you critique the Left in America [and that is a laugh when we examine what Left is in America; or what critique amounts to in a country that has been parading semi-literacy as literate enough for longer than most in the west] . . . that if I critique the Left I must be a conservative. That would be too dumb, but so typically American, with how much we love to play hop-scotch with the Truth, ping pong with received ideas and badly composed narratives.

Written by jvr

July 17, 2020 at 9:23 am

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