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POWER Creates the Space for Subversion to Emerge

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Not to deny the facts of history is an obligation of any one in pursuit of the Truth––and yes, there is Truth as there are also minor truths connected to facts and the knowledge we build from them. But to focus on 14 unarmed black men being fatally shot by the police in 2019 while side-stepping the 25 unarmed white men who were also fatally shot in 2019 is disingenuous, is divisive of all efforts at addressing power, is an attempt to secure a kind of inverse exceptionalism among the suffering, that is, when it is citizens, residents, simple separate persons who do so––they may also do so out of ignorance.

And We Americans are awfully exceptionalist and isolationist. How could BLM not suffer at times or most of the time when it is not some of the time from what we as a cultural entity frequently suffer––unless they are all Uber-menschen and examples of exceptional exceptionalist exceptionalism.

But BLM is not ignorant of the facts of history, they just like playing hop-scotch with them; they are not ignorant of the facts of police violence, they just do not care of any other kind of State violence against anyone else––it is not power as power that bothers them, but power when it is exerted again black people. I can understand that, but it is still short-sighted for the longer haul; it still seves a number of points and interests for the Power Elite.

Never mind the 19 million in poverty who are white. Never mind the valid academic studies that show White police officers are no more likely to shoot a black suspect than a suspect of any other demographic group; never mind that it has been shown that black and hispanic officers might be more likely to shoot a black suspect than a white officer; never mind that in counties in America where whites commit the most murders, they are 3.5 times more likely to be shot by the police than anyone of any other demographic group. In counties where blacks commit the most murders, they are 3.7 times more likely to be shot by the police. Never mind crime statistics by demographic arrangement; never mind any discussions poverty; never mind any direct discussion of class-warfare––I have noted well the substitution of White for Bourgeois, and race to the total displacement of class. Power and Money love that; and I am talking the real money that pays Blankfein of Goldman Sachs to take a minimum of heat (because he too is protected and kept virtually in the shadows as all real Money and Power real is by print and broadcast journalism in America).

But BLM is never outraged when a white man is indifferently and calously handled and killed while in custody––take the Tony Tampa case as one in point. There was no outrage, no media blitz, no virtue signaling from White Neo-Liberal Protestant Bourgeoisie––no. No outrage by BLM––and if they were serious about what they say they want, why wouldn’t they use this case as a touchstone along with George Floyd’s killing as an example of Power working powerfully against the people? Shouldn’t George Floyd’s family and Tony Timpa’s mother be joining hands?

However, that is not what BLM wants; that is not even what POWER and MONIED Elites want. BLM is part of the larger POWER structure intricately using one and another and another Machiavellian ploy and strategy against We the People . . . and systemic racism in America is Anti Black, Anti Poor, Anti-Poverty, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Muslim, Misogynistic, each when it needs to be, how it needs to be, carefully but singularly opportunistically handling what it needs to present through print and broadcast journalism that filters news items solely for the purposes of keeping the People separate.

And all the activists who think they are so smart are part of the design that gets rehandled, reshaped,reformed as we move along––information is just that, IN…Formation. Everyone in his or her box, in his or her column and row.

There is a Power and Money that is beyond Trump and Biden––they are not the Power; they are the Authority, the Influence.

But BLM does not want to take into account all the stats in reference to police shooting, police force, no––they only address half the truth, thus allowing it to undermine what they say they want by letting it become Propaganda––and Propaganda is always half-truth more than it is lies––Propaganda is never always all fake. That’s Trump’s angle to get us to think the NY Times serves the interests of the people because he knows half the people are not going to believe him when he says the news is all fake.

BLM needs to stress the White Supremacist argument to keep blacks in the ghetto in despair so BLM can continue to get 100 million dollar grants from the likes of Ford and the New Woke White Hegemony like we see from the NY Times to continue to do its work that is never intended to actually solve anything. They are already being accused by leaders in the Black Community of not addressing the gun violence and not being prepared to find a solution after Hawk Newsome Declared War on the Police.
In fact, I think BLM does not want Biden to win. They need Trump, which is why they are behind or ancillary to everything that is seemingly working toward that end. They need Trump in order for them to continue putting forward the idea of an endemically racist society ruled and run by White Supremacist ideology, which BLM has now become the Counter-ideologues against.

Most of what I am seeing is beginning to smack of Power creating a space for real subversion to emerge in order to control it––the FBI has already stepped up its surveillance of key members who will then be relegated to their corner and continue to work at keeping the ghetto down so they can get more money to do critical theory research into problems they never intend on solving. More people have exposed them themselves to even more than they had been before, and have left themselves open to government scrutiny, NSA and FBI surveillance, which they inadvertently (I insist) necessitated. Yes, defunding the Police has looked like a real smart move––

Oh, must I now apologize for my endemically racist and white supremacist observations––PLEASE!

I really do not imagine that BLM has thought out enough of what it wanted, of what it needed to address, of what could happen and how BLM should respond; in fact, far, far too little was imagined, seen, understood . . . excruciatingly under-planned.

Written by jvr

July 18, 2020 at 11:23 am

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