Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

A Friend of the People Opposing Elites; Social and Political Commentary of Thomas Sarebbenonnato; Publishing and Contributing Editor, Jay V. Ruvolo [Copyright (c) Jay Ruvolo 2018]


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Now Politics is a weekly web journal of political commentary and political philosophy presented in the form of the literary essay. When we speak of the literary essay we talk of the form as it stems from Montaigne and the heritage worldwide since. By literary we understand this to be a branch of knowledge; yes, the literary is more than a way of knowing and being known, it is knowledge and therefore should be the subject of any serious epistemology.

The Publishing Editor of Now Politics is JVR, who is also the Publishing Editor of The Falling Leaf Review at He is also the Publishing/Contributing Editor for The Falling Leaf Review Log at  He is the Publishing Editor and Chief Contributor with Revue 1 formerly The October Revue at

The political position, or slant, of Now Politics comes out of the Eternal Left, and this is not the left of American Politics, nor  is it the Left of pseudo Marxists. Let it suffice for now to say that neither anyone who identifies as a Democrat, nor other American liberals, will find very much affinity for such positions politically. Let it also suffice to say that I also intend to piss off many who call themselves Marxists, but then I do not trust a lot that has come from American politics and politicking (for sure) during the last thirty to forty years, including too many college educated hyper-politicized semi-literates over the last twenty years.

The Publishing Editor and chief contributor to Now Politics cannot and will not play policy ping pong as so many Americans love to play, along with the games of Hop-Scotch with Truth they frequently endeavor.



Written by jvr

January 16, 2012 at 4:18 pm

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  1. “They always seem to have perfect words and we never seem to pass,
    There is doubt in everything we read about what they say about themselves
    Trusting who they are is not enough ‘cause knowing it is seeing it,
    We are slaves to their faraway-eyes” (“Love The Words They Write,” P. A. Blas)

    These lyrics are about fighting a corrupted bureaucracy as DMLK,J did but always negotiating a charitable advantage! Sincerely yours, Jesus Chameleon

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